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Stay connected across the globe with fast and easy money transfers from the UK. Send money to 160+ countries with competitive exchange rates and low fees, all in one app. It's no wonder 40+ million worldwide customers stick with Revolut. Want to send money to the UK instead? Check out: Send money to the UK from abroad.
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Send moneyHeads up, intermediary banks may charge additional fees to the recipient for this transfer.
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Exchange and remittance fees, fair usage limits, and T&Cs apply. Exchange rates and fees shown are for illustration only.

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How to transfer money internationally from the UK

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The best ways to send money abroad with Revolut

Your life is unique — a one-size-fits-all money transfer won't do. Explore our options and choose your favourite.

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See why people choose Revolut for international money transfers

Send money abroad from the UK quickly and safely, with great exchange rates and low fees. Check out our ratings and see for yourself why 40+ million global customers use Revolut for their international money transfers and more.

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Transfer money with low fees and the Revolut exchange rate

Looking for the cheapest way to send money abroad? Keeping international money transfers affordable is our way of making the world a bit smaller for you. See exactly where your money's going, with all rates and fees shown live in-app before you send. Drop the calculator — we'll do the maths for you.

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  • No additional exchange fees on weekdays

    Send money abroad without additional currency exchange fees on weekdays, whenever your transfer amount is within your plan's limits. You can always upgrade if you need a higher transfer allowance.

  • Get competitive exchange rates

    We're always up for a little competition. Check out our price comparison widget and see how our rates stack up against other providers'.

  • Save on international transfer fees

    Get discounts on transfer fees when you send money abroad with our Premium, Metal, and Ultra plans. And there are no bank transfer fees if you're sending EUR from a country within the SEPA region, no matter what plan you have.

  • No Revolut-to-Revolut transfer fees

    Send money online to your Revolut friends in 36 currencies without any transfer fees. What more could you want?

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How long does it take to transfer money abroad?

When you're up against the clock, look for our delivery times in-app. We'll show you our ETA for different transfer methods along with any fees. You can also track your transfer in real-time, so you'll always know where your money is.

Can't take the suspense? Here's a sneak peek at some of our most common transfer methods and their usual delivery times:

How long does it take to transfer money abroad?
  1. International bank transfers

    International bank transfers from the UK generally arrive within 3 to 5 business days. If you're sending EUR to a country in the SEPA region, your money could arrive within 2 working days or even in seconds.

  2. Fast card transfers

    Card transfers arrive in less than 30 minutes. In most cases, they arrive in just a few seconds. Now that's fast.

  3. Instant transfers to Revolut friends

    Revolut-to-Revolut transfers arrive in less than 20 seconds. Send and receive money in just a tap.

Your money under lock and key

How we keep your money transfer safe

Consider us your second pair of eyes, always on the watch to keep your international transfers secure. Here are just a few ways we protect your money.
How we keep your money transfer safe

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Much more than international money transfers

Go global with our multi-currency account. Keep, exchange, and send 36 currencies in-app, and spend in 150+ all over the world. But that's just the beginning. Explore Revolut and see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

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So many reasons to send money with Revolut

  1. Support family and friends

    Got family abroad? Whether you're paying off your parents' healthcare bills or helping a younger sibling through school, send them your love — and money — in just a tap.

  2. Make mortgage or rental payments

    A holiday spot, your home away from home, an investment property — whatever it is, stay on top of your payments from the UK with Revolut.

  3. Pay student loans or tuition

    You've got goals — go crush them. Pay off that university degree with in-app international money transfers and keep chasing the career of your dreams.

  4. Move abroad

    Book your flights, ship your suitcases, buy furniture... The to-do list is endless. Make your next international adventure easier with payments in the local currency.

Transfer money internationally to 160+ countries

It's easy to send money to friends and family all over the world using Revolut. Check out some of the routes we cover.

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Explore our multi-currency accounts and more

Whether you're sending or spending abroad, we've got something for you. Discover how you can take the world by storm with Revolut.

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International money transfer FAQs

  • There are no transfer limits for most currencies and destination countries, but our payment partners may have set limits on certain currencies. You’ll always see these in-app before you send. Making large money transfers? Not to worry. Whether you're paying tuition fees or putting down a deposit on a property abroad, you can transfer large amounts of money just as easily as smaller amounts. We just might need more time to run extra checks.
  • We use two-factor authentication to make sure you're the only one who can log in to your account, and we'll send you anti-fraud warnings in-app if we suspect that a transfer may be a scam. We also protect your personal data with our full-stack security systems. Additionally, we use other security methods that vary depending on the Revolut entity you're registered to. Here's how you can learn more.
    1. Open the Revolut app.
    2. Click on your profile icon on the home screen.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and see which Revolut entity shows up.
    4. Go to our Help Centre to read more on your Revolut entity and how we keep your money safe.
  • The details you need when you send money abroad vary depending on the transfer method you choose.

    What details do I need for a bank transfer from the UK?

    The bank account details you need when you send money internationally generally include the recipient's full name, their bank code or BIC/SWIFT number, and their IBAN or bank account number. We may also ask you for other details, such as their city or phone number. The information you need to enter may vary depending on the country you're sending to and the currency.

    What details do I need for a card transfer?

    All you need to send a card transfer is the recipient's full name and card number.

    What details do I need to send money to another Revolut account?

    For a Revolut-to-Revolut transfer, you can simply choose someone from your contact list. You can also find someone by entering their phone number, email, or Revtag, or you can scan their QR code.

    What details do I need to send money via a payment link?

    You don't need any bank details when you transfer money via a payment link, just your recipient's phone number or email. Create the link in-app, choose how you want to pay, and share the link with your recipient. The person you're sending to can then claim that money, even if they're not a Revolut customer.
  • The time it takes for your money transfer to arrive depends on the payment method you choose, the country you're sending to, and the currency. You'll be able to see the estimated arrival time in-app before you send and track the status of your transfer. Check out our Help Centre for more on money transfers.

    How long do international bank transfers take?

    Bank transfers from the UK generally arrive within 3 to 5 business days. If you're sending euros within the SEPA region, your money could arrive in seconds. Check with your bank to find out whether your account is set up for SEPA Instant. On rare occasions, external banks may experience delays that we can't foresee, and your transfer could take longer than expected.

    How long does a card transfer take?

    Transfers to cards usually arrive in seconds, but they can take up to 30 minutes.

    How fast are Revolut-to-Revolut transfers?

    Transfers to other Revolut customers are instant. This means they usually arrive in 20 seconds or less.
  • With Revolut, you can send money online quickly and safely. Here's how:
    1. Download the Revolut app for free on your Android or iPhone, then sign up.
    2. Add money to your Revolut account.
    3. Select your transfer method, then enter your destination country, currency, and amount.
    4. Check our exchange rates, fees, and estimated delivery times in-app.
    5. Fill in your recipient's details.
    6. Tap Send and stay up to date on the status of your transfer in-app.
  • Topping up your Revolut account is quick and easy. Here are some ways you can add money to your account.
    • Bank transfer
    • Card
    • Apple Pay or Google Pay
    • Transfers from other Revolut customers
    • Linked accounts
    • Direct deposit
    • Cash deposit at available locations
  • To choose the best transfer method for you, compare fees and delivery times in-app. They're calculated in real-time just for you — based on your transfer amount, country, and currency. Need to send money abroad fast? Try a Revolut-to-Revolut transfer or a card transfer. Transfers to other Revolut customers are instant — they arrive in 20 seconds or less. Most card transfers also arrive in seconds, although they can take up to 30 minutes. If your transfer qualifies for SEPA Instant, your money will arrive in seconds via bank transfer. Trying to find the cheapest way to send money abroad? Check our fees in-app before you send. You'll pay a small fee for card and bank transfers, but there are no transfer fees when you send money to other Revolut accounts. You can also save by sending your transfers during the week — we don't charge any additional exchange fees on weekdays if your transfer is within your plan's limits.
  • When you send money abroad from the UK, there are two types of costs you should keep an eye out for: currency exchange fees and transfer fees. You'll see all costs in-app before you send.

    Currency exchange rates and fees

    Sending money internationally often involves two different currencies: the currency you’re using to pay for the transfer and your recipient's currency. Before you send money abroad in a currency that's different from your recipient's, check our exchange rate in-app. This shows you how much the amount you enter in your currency is worth in your recipient's currency. You may also pay an additional currency exchange fee, depending on your plan, the amount you're sending, and the time of your transfer.
    • If your transfer amount is within your plan’s limit, you won't pay any additional currency exchange fees on weekdays.
    • You'll pay a 1% fee on all currency exchanges during the weekend, regardless of your payment type or plan.
    • If you're over your monthly exchange allowance, you'll pay an additional fair usage fee, depending on your plan (1% for the Standard plan and 0.5% for the Plus plan). There are no fair usage fees with our Premium, Metal, and Ultra plans.

    Transfer fees

    Depending on the transfer method you choose, you may also pay a small transfer fee. This is the amount we charge to process your transfer.
    • Bank transfers
    • You won't pay any bank transfer fees when you send money within the SEPA region. If you're sending from somewhere else, you'll see a small transfer fee calculated in real-time before you send. You'll get discounts on these fees with our Premium, Metal, and Ultra plans. External banks may charge non-Revolut transfer fees that we can't foresee.

    • Card transfers
    • You'll pay a small card transfer fee when you send money using someone's card details. The amount will depend on how much money you're transferring and where you're sending from.

    • Revolut-to-Revolut transfers
    • You won't pay any transfer fees when you send money online to other Revolut accounts.

  • With Revolut, receiving money is just as easy as sending it. To receive international transfers, select the currency account you'd like the incoming transfer to go to, tap the SWIFT tab to find your details, and give the sender those details. Other Revolut customers can also send money directly to your Revolut account in 36 currencies.