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The world is at your fingertips. Send money to 160+ countries, receive payments from abroad, and exchange 36 currencies — all with our international money transfer app. It's no wonder 40+ million global customers use Revolut.

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Send money online with the Revolut app

Looking for a money transfer app? Wish granted. Send money and track the status of your transfer right from your phone. Check out our app ratings and see why so many people are raving about Revolut.

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Transfer money internationally in-app

Send money to 160+ countriesSend money to 160+ countries
Hold money in 36 currenciesHold money in 36 currencies
Check exchange rates and fees in-appCheck exchange rates and fees in-app
Send money to 160+ countriesSend money to 160+ countries
Top up with Apple Pay and Google PayTop up with Apple Pay and Google Pay
Get custom-built security featuresGet custom-built security features
Top up with Apple Pay and Google PayTop up with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Rates worth bragging about

Check out our rates and fees — we bet you'll be gushing about them too.

Sending £1,000Cost to sendRecipient gets


£0.00€1,181.01Save up to €31.82









Western Union




The above information applies when sending money in the national currency of the recipient account. The list of providers is not exhaustive and we plan to add more soon. For all provider, we are showing the costs based on the Standard/Basic plans only. For Revolut, we may also show the cost based on one of our paid plans (in addition to our Standard plan) where it is deemed optimal to the user. Please click on (i) next to the plan to view our plan subscription fees. Exchange rates and transfer fees displayed are illustrative and only refreshed every minute. Always check the applicable rate and transfer fees in-app before carrying out your transfer. While we hope the widget is a good reference point, we expect users to perform due diligence before initiating a transfer. Read more about how we collect this comparison data.

Endless money transfers in one app

With so many options, you can afford to be choosy. Check out our transfer methods and take your pick. Mix and match, stick to your favourite — it's up to you.Start sending
Endless money transfers in one app
  1. Send to a bank account

    Send a bank transfer to any account in 160+ countries.

  2. Send to a card

    Transfer money to any eligible Visa or Mastercard account.

  3. Send to Revolut friends

    Transfer money to other Revolut accounts in 36 currencies, instantly and without transfer fees.

  4. Send via payment link

    Create a payment link in-app to send and receive money.

  5. Send to a mobile wallet

    Coming soon — transfer money to a digital wallet via someone's phone number.

  6. Send via Group Bills

    Settle expenses with friends and family in-app. We'll do the maths for you.

How to transfer money with the Revolut app

Get the lowdown on top-ups

Ways to add money to your Revolut account

  1. Easy bank transfer

    It's quick and secure — you won't even need to enter your account details.

  2. Direct deposit

    Get your salary paid straight into your Revolut account and tell your money where to go from there.

  3. Regular bank transfer

    Grab your account details, then make a transfer from an external bank account.

  4. Apple Pay or Google Pay

    Add money to your account in just a few taps with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

  5. Card transfer

    Enter your debit card details in-app to quickly add money to your account.

  6. Cash deposit

    Top up your account with cash at eligible locations near you.

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How we keep your online money transfer safe

You've worked hard for your money. Make sure it goes only where you want it to with Revolut. Here's how we help you do that.
How we keep your online money transfer safe

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Discover why 40+ million global customers use Revolut

International money transfers have never been easier. Keep, exchange, and send money in 36 currencies, all in one app. These are just some of the reasons people trust Revolut for all things money.

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Transfer money to 160+ countries

It's easy to send money to friends and family all over the world with Revolut. Check out some of the routes we cover.

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One app, all things money

Revolut is more than just a money transfer app. Easy budgeting, travel perks, investments — you can have it all. Open a multi-currency account in minutes, right from your phone, and take your money further than you ever imagined.Check it out
One app, all things money

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Money transfer app FAQs

  • Want to start sending money? You can download our app from the App Store if you're an Apple user, or from Google Play for Android devices.Download the Revolut app.
  • Keeping your money safe is our top priority. We use two-factor authentication to make sure you're the only one who can log in to your account, and we'll send you anti-fraud warnings in-app if we suspect that a transfer may be a scam. We also protect your personal data with our full-stack security systems. Additionally, we use other security methods that vary depending on the Revolut entity you're registered to. Here's how you can learn more.
    1. Open the Revolut app.
    2. Click on your profile icon on the home screen.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and see which Revolut entity shows up.
    4. Go to our Help Centre to read more on your Revolut entity and how we keep your money safe.
  • You can send money from the UK quickly and safely with the Revolut app.
    1. Download Revolut on your Android or iPhone, then sign up.
    2. Add money to your Revolut account by topping up via bank transfer, card transfer, digital wallet, cash deposit, and more — you choose.
    3. Select your transfer method, destination country, and currency to see all fees and estimated delivery times in-app.
    4. Enter your recipient's details. You'll usually need their full name, bank account number, sort code, BIC/SWIFT code, and IBAN. You may need to enter additional information for some payment methods and destination countries.
    5. Tap Send and we'll do the rest!
  • Topping up your Revolut account is quick and easy. Here are some ways you can add money to your account.
    • Bank transfer
    • Card
    • Apple Pay or Google Pay
    • Transfers from other Revolut customers
    • Linked accounts
    • Direct deposit
    • Cash deposit at available locations

Any transfer times and fees mentioned are estimates and may vary due to factors beyond our control, such as intermediary bank policies, international banking hours, and currency market fluctuations. We strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, but for the most current rates and fees, please refer to our app or contact customer support. We appreciate your understanding and are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.