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£998Amount you'll convert
5.03083Exchange rate
Recipient gets
Send moneyHeads up, intermediary banks may charge additional fees to the recipient for this transfer.
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*Exchange and remittance fees, fair usage limits and T&Cs apply. Exchange rates and fees shown are for illustration only

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Sending £1,000FeesRecipient gets


£1.20zł 5,024.79Save up to zł 168.67 (excl. plan fees)


£2.00zł 5,020.77-zł 4.02


£6.28zł 5,011.79-zł 13.00


£1.98zł 4,985.26-zł 39.53

Western Union

£1.98zł 4,983.89-zł 40.90


£0.00zł 4,961.64-zł 63.15


£1.98zł 4,951.72-zł 73.07


£9.50zł 4,856.12-zł 168.67

The above information applies when sending money in the national currency of the recipient account. Additionally, this is not an exhaustive list of providers and we plan to add more soon. Exchange rates and transfer fees displayed are illustrative and only refreshed every minute. Always check the applicable rate and transfer fees in-app before carrying out your transfer. Read more about how we collect this comparison data.

How to transfer money online from the UK

Send money online from the UK in 3 simple steps

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How much does it cost to send money online from the UK?

We make sure all our fees are clearly displayed in-app. When sending money from the UK online, we may apply a small transfer fee. This depends on the amount you send and your plan's international transfer allowance.

Check out the Fees page

How long does an online money transfer from the UK take?

Online bank transfers from the UK can be received within 3 to 5 business days, depending on the currency and destination. Transfers to other Revolut customers and card transfers usually arrive in minutes, and can be as quick as a couple of seconds. Either way, we'll always keep you updated on the status of your transfer.

Check transfer options in-app

Choose how you want to send your online money transfer

When you send money online, you choose how you want it to arrive. We offer online money transfers tailored to you.

  • Bank account

    Transfer money to any bank account by filling in the person's name, account number, and bank code

  • Revolut contact

    Add a contact on your Revolut app with a phone number, email, or by scanning the QR code in their Revolut app

  • To a card

    Transfer money to any card by filling in the card number and recipient's name

  • To a crypto wallet

    Transfer money to your own Revolut crypto wallet*

  • Via payment link

    Send money by texting friends a link they can use to claim the funds

  • With Group Bills

    Settle expenses with friends easily using our Group Bill feature. Just go to 'Split bill' in-app and we'll handle the maths

*Cryptoassets are volatile and not regulated or protected by investor compensation schemes – value can go down or up. Trading may be subject to tax. Fees payable

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You want to know that you – and only you – can access your money. We get it. So, we use 2-factor authentication to protect your account and payments. 35+ million people worldwide use Revolut for all things money. Learn more about all the ways we protect you and your money.

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Send money online

If you're living or travelling abroad, you can transfer money online to your family or friends back home from the UK.
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Transfer money online from the UK to 160+ countries

It's easy to send money to friends and family using Revolut. Check out some of the routes we cover.

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Transfer money online FAQs

  • Sending money online is simple.
    1. Download the Revolut app for free on your Android or iPhone mobile device and sign up
    2. Add money to your Revolut account by topping up via your card or a bank account
    3. Choose your destination country and currency
    4. Enter your recipient's details. You'll usually need the recipient’s full name, their bank account number, and bank code. Some payment methods and destination countries may require additional information
    Learn more
  • The time it takes for a transfer to go through depends on a few things, like the type of transfer you've chosen:
    • Domestic transfers between two Revolut accounts usually take a couple of seconds. Learn more
    • Domestic transfers between a Revolut account and a different type of account usually take between 1 and 3 days. Learn more
    • International transfers: If you don't want to make the transfer in GBP, you can use SWIFT transfers, which can take between 3 and 5 business days.
    Learn more
  • For most currencies, there aren't any limits to how much you can send online. But, certain currencies might have limits set by our payments partners. You'll always see the limit in the Revolut app before making the transfer.Learn more
  • Which details you need to transfer money depend on how you want to send the money. If you're sending money to a bank account, you'll usually need the recipient's full name, phone number, bank account number, and their BIC/SWIFT number. Sometimes, we might ask for additional details, like the recipient's city. Learn more. If you're sending directly to a card, you'll need the recipient's name and card number. Learn more. When sending money to other Revolut accounts, the information we request depends on whether the recipient is in your contacts. Transfers with a friend in your contact list are easy, instant, and free-free! Just search their name or revtag, fill in the amount, and hit 'Send.'Learn more