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Send money to the UK from India

Whether you're going on holiday or paying tuition fees, easily send money from India to a multi-currency Revolut account in the UK. Start a bank transfer from your local account, and send in GBP or 36 other currencies — the choice is yours. Want to flip the route? Check out: Send money to India from the UK.
Exchange and global transfer fees, fair usage limits, and T&Cs apply. Exchange rates and fees shown are for illustration only.

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How to send money online to the UK from India

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Send a bank transfer from India...

It's easy to send money to a Revolut account — whether you're transferring to friends in the UK, or sending from your bank account in India to your own Revolut account abroad. All our accounts have SWIFT details, so just enter REVOGB2LXXX to complete your international bank transfer to the UK.
Send a bank transfer from India...

...And they'll receive your money in the UK

Revolut customers can receive money in 36 currencies, thanks to our multi-currency accounts. That includes GBP, EUR, USD, and many more. And if you send a transfer in a local currency that we don't support yet, your bank will convert it for you. It's that simple.

...And they'll receive your money in the UK
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Send and receive money via payment link

No account details? No problem. Any Revolut customer in the UK can create and share a payment link, so you can easily send them money from India. Just tap, choose your payment method, and send. Could there be an easier way to link up?
Send and receive money via payment link
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How long does it take to transfer money to the UK from India?

We get it — life often feels like a race against the clock. If you're sending INR from India to a GBP account in the UK, your money will generally arrive within 3 to 5 business days. This timeframe may vary depending on the currencies and payment method you choose.

How long does it take to transfer money to the UK from India?
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How we keep your money transfer safe

If you're sending to a Revolut family member or friend in the UK, you're probably wondering if your money will stay safe in their Revolut account. Here are some of the ways we protect it once it arrives.
How we keep your money transfer safe
  • Two-factor authentication

    We've doubled down on our in-app security features to keep hackers out of your recipient's Revolut account and away from the money you send them.

  • Personal data protection

    We make sure all personal data is processed responsibly, following the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and all global data protection legislation.

  • Anti-fraud team

    Our financial crime team consists of 2,500+ members dedicated to protecting your money. They saved Revolut customers more than £200M in potentially fraudulent transactions during 2022 alone.

So many reasons to send money to the UK with Revolut

  1. Support family

    A love note, a banknote, a money transfer — so many ways to show them you care. Easily send money abroad and be there for them when they need you most.

  2. Make mortgage payments

    No matter how far you travel, your home will always be your castle. Easily stay on top of your property payments with Revolut.

  3. Pay off student loans

    You've decided to invest in your education. Now pay off those loans like a boss with simple international money transfers.

  4. Go on holiday

    Got the travel bug? Go conquer the world. Pay for flights and accommodations abroad in just a few taps.

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Money transfer to the UK from India FAQs

  • There are no transfer limits for most currencies and destination countries, but our payment partners may have set limits on certain currencies. Check with your bank before you transfer to a Revolut account. Making large money transfers? Not to worry. Whether you're paying tuition fees or putting down a deposit on a property in the UK, you can transfer large amounts of money just as easily as smaller amounts. We might need more time to run extra checks, but a Revolut customer can receive international transfers of all sizes.
  • Once your money arrives in a Revolut customer's account, we protect it with security methods that vary depending on the Revolut entity the recipient is registered to. Here's how you can learn more.

    1. Ask your recipient to open their Revolut app.
    2. Have them tap on their profile icon on the home screen and scroll to the bottom of the page to see which Revolut entity they're registered with.
    3. Go to our Help Centre to read more on their Revolut entity and how we keep their money safe.

    We also use two-factor authentication to make sure they're the only one who can log in to their account, and we protect all personal data with our full-stack security systems.

  • The bank account details you need when you send money internationally to the UK generally include the recipient's full name, their BIC or SWIFT number, and their IBAN or account number. We may also ask you for other details, such as their city or phone number. The information you need to enter may vary depending on the country and currency. You don't need any bank details when you transfer money via a payment link. Your recipient can create the link in-app to request money from you and then share it with you via text or email. All you have to do is open the link and follow directions onscreen to choose a payment method.
  • In general, the time it takes for your money transfer to arrive in the UK depends on factors like your country, your currency, and the bank you use to send money. International bank transfers to the UK from abroad generally arrive within 3 to 5 business days. External banks may experience delays that we can't foresee, so your transfer could take longer than expected. Always confirm with your bank before sending. Check out our Help Centre for more on money transfers.
  • Here's how you can transfer money to a Revolut account in the UK from India:

    1. Start a bank transfer from your local bank account by entering your recipient's local or SWIFT details, depending on the currency and country.
    2. Choose the amount you'd like to send and the currency your recipient wants to receive, whether it's GBP or any of the 36 currencies we support.
    3. Ask about your bank's exchange rates and international transfer fees. External banks may charge non-Revolut fees that we can't predict.
    4. Then just send and wait for your transfer to get there. Bank transfers to the UK from India generally arrive within 3 to 5 business days.
  • There are many ways to send money to the UK from India, and the best one for you depends on factors like how fast you want it to get there and how much you're willing to pay in fees. Here are some things to look out for:
    • Currency exchange rates Sending money internationally often involves two different currencies: the currency you’re using to pay for the transfer and your recipient's currency. Before you send money to the UK from India in INR or any currency that's different from your recipient's, check your provider's exchange rate and compare it with others on the market. This shows you how much a certain amount in your currency is worth in your recipient's currency, and every provider sets their own exchange rate.
    • Currency exchange fees Some providers may also charge an additional fee to exchange your currency, so keep an eye out.
    • Transfer fees This is the amount a provider charges to process a transfer. You may have to pay a fee no matter whether your transfer involves a currency exchange or not.
    • Delivery times Sometimes time is as valuable as money, so ask your provider for an ETA if you're in a hurry. In general, international bank transfers via services like SWIFT arrive within 3 to 5 working days, but these timeframes may vary depending on the bank you choose and external factors we don't have visibility over.
  • Revolut's BIC/SWIFT code is REVOGB2LXXX. This is the code you generally need when you send money to another country in a different currency. Visit our Help Centre for more on Revolut account details.
  • Revolut customers can keep 36 currencies in-app and receive transfers in those currencies. If you're sending a bank transfer in a local currency that's not on our list of supported holding currencies yet, your bank will automatically convert your money to your Revolut recipient's currency. They can select the currency account that they want the money paid into, send you the corresponding account details, and the money will arrive in the currency they've chosen. We're always adding to our list of supported currencies, so keep an eye out.