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Although we don't support exchanges from Indonesian Rupiahs to US Dollars just yet, check out our currency converter to stay on top of IDR to USD exchange rates. With 36 supported currencies and counting, there's more on the way.

1 IDR = 0.0000617 USD

-$0.00000507.53 %
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Indonesian Rupiahs to US Dollars: exchange rates today

1 IDR0.00 USD
10 IDR0.00 USD
20 IDR0.00 USD
50 IDR0.00 USD
100 IDR0.00 USD
250 IDR0.01 USD
300 IDR0.01 USD
500 IDR0.03 USD
1,000 IDR0.06 USD
2,000 IDR0.12 USD
5,000 IDR0.30 USD
10,000 IDR0.61 USD
1 USD16,155.58 IDR
10 USD161,555.89 IDR
20 USD323,111.78 IDR
50 USD807,779.46 IDR
100 USD1,615,558.92 IDR
250 USD4,038,897.30 IDR
300 USD4,846,676.76 IDR
500 USD8,077,794.60 IDR
1,000 USD16,155,589.20 IDR
2,000 USD32,311,178.41 IDR
5,000 USD80,777,946.03 IDR
10,000 USD161,555,892.06 IDR

Although we update our data continuously, exchange rates are always changing due to market fluctuations. Consider the rates above estimates.

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We may not support exchanges from Indonesian Rupiahs to US Dollars just yet, but why not explore everything you can do with 36 supported currencies? Stay in the loop with live conversion rates and exchange on the spot, right in-app.Exchange in-app

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IDR to USD currency exchange FAQs

  • At the moment, we offer in-app exchanges between 36 currencies. We're always aiming to add more, so keep checking back. You might be able to convert IDR to USD sooner than you think. In the meantime, check out the currencies we support and see how easy it is to exchange in-app. You can also send money from your Revolut account in 70+ currencies supported for transfers, and pay with your Revolut card abroad in 150+ currencies supported for spending.
  • We may not support exchanges from Indonesian Rupiahs to US Dollars just yet, but that doesn't mean we're going to leave you high and dry. You can still use our currency converter to stay on top of the latest IDR to USD exchange rates. We keep our data up to date using various independent sources so that you always have the info you need. Go to our Help Centre to learn more about how we calculate exchange rates. Here's how you can check IDR to USD conversion rates with our currency exchange calculator:
    1. Go to our currency converter at the top of the page.
    2. Select IDR as your starting currency and USD as the currency you want to convert to.
    3. Enter your amount you'd like to convert in IDR or receive in USD. We'll do the maths for you.
    4. Check the current exchange rate and see how much your Indonesian Rupiahs are worth in US Dollars. Repeat as much as you want with different amounts or currency pairs.
    Try out our currency converter.
  • Here's how you can exchange and hold balances in different currencies.
    1. Download our app for iOS or Android, then sign up.
    2. Go to the Exchange section in-app.
    3. Select your holding currency and the currency you want to convert to.
    4. Enter the amount you want to exchange.
    5. Check our exchange rate and any fees that may apply in-app.
    6. Tap Confirm order and start spending in your new currency.
  • We use two-factor authentication to make sure you're the only one who can log in to your account, and we'll send you anti-fraud warnings in-app if we suspect that a transfer may be a scam. We also protect your personal data with our full-stack security systems. Additionally, we use other security methods that vary depending on the Revolut entity you're registered to. Here's how you can learn more.
    1. Open the Revolut app.
    2. Click on your profile icon on the home screen.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and see which Revolut entity shows up.
    4. Go to our Help Centre to read more on your Revolut entity and how we keep your money safe.