Pakistani Rupee card

Travelling from the UK to Pakistan? Spend effortlessly in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) with a multi-currency card.

45+ million worldwide customers use Revolut

Revolut offers so much more than a travel card. Exchange currencies, send money abroad, and hold 36 local currencies in-app. These are just some reasons why our customers rely on us for their travel spending.

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How does a Pakistani Rupee card work?

With Revolut, you can hold 150+ currencies on a debit card, and send or spend money in local currencies around the world. Get your Revolut travel card and start spending in Pakistani Rupees.Try Revolut now

How to get your PKR card

Get your Pakistani Rupee card in 3 steps

  1. 1

    Get Revolut

    Join 45+ million people worldwide saving when they spend abroad with Revolut.

  2. 2

    Order your card

    Order your free Pakistani Rupee card. Top up your balance in GBP or 36 other currencies.

  3. 3

    Spend like a local

    Start spending in Pakistani Rupees.

Currency exchange fees subject to fair-usage limits and weekend markups. Currency exchange shown is only an indicative example.

Why should I get a Pakistani Rupee card?

With this card, you can spend in Pakistani Rupees like a local. Save money when withdrawing from ATMs abroad, paying in restaurants and shops, and booking your accommodations or flights.*Check it out

Where is the Pakistani Rupee card available?

Order your Pakistani Rupee debit card in the Revolut app and get it sent to you. You can order your multi-currency card from 30+ other countries. Check availability via the Revolut app.Start spending abroad

Spend confidently with a Pakistani Rupee card

It’s all at your fingertips. Set spending limits so you stay on budget, or freeze your card if you lose it — all in-app. Control everything with just a few taps. That's why 45+ million people worldwide use Revolut for all things money.

How to save money when spending in Pakistani Rupees

Tips for saving money in Pakistan

  1. Don't exchange at airports or at home

    No need to exchange cash before you travel — use your travel money card to spend or withdraw money from an ATM.

  2. Choose PKR as the local currency

    Choose the local currency when spending with your card in shops and restaurants.

  3. Save with a travel money card

    Spend in Pakistani Rupees like a local with Revolut.

How to avoid unwanted ATM fees

To avoid surprise fees at the ATM, always select 'No' if an ATM asks you to convert money. This helps you get the best possible exchange rate. Keep an eye out for ATM access fees — some providers might charge an additional fee that Revolut can't prevent.Try Revolut now

Need to make PKR withdrawals in Pakistan?

Fee-free Pakistani Rupee ATM withdrawals

ATM withdrawals are subject to fair-usage fees depending on plan. Currency exchange fees may apply.

What are you waiting for?

Save when you travel with a PKR travel card

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Need a little more help?

Pakistani Rupee currency card FAQs

  • There is no 'best' way to spend in Pakistani Rupees, but here are some tips to help you save money:

    1. Don’t exchange cash at the airport. It’s much cheaper to withdraw money from an ATM with your Pakistani Rupee card.
    2. Don't carry more cash than you need. When you return home to the UK, you’ll have to re-convert this cash back to GBP.
    3. Always choose PKR as the local currency when spending with your card in shops and restaurants.
    4. Download the Revolut app, then sign up to get instant notifications on what you spend and manage your balance.

    Try Revolut now.
  • We use two-factor authentication to protect your account and payments, so you can be sure that you're the only one who can access your money. Other ways of sending money online may involve different security methods. You can control your card’s security directly in the Revolut app. Freeze your card, set spending limits, and more — it’s all at your fingertips.Learn more.
  • You can use your Pakistani Rupee card in Pakistan. You can also make card payments and ATM withdrawals in 150+ currencies wherever Mastercard and Visa are accepted.Learn more.
  • There is no limit to the amount that you can spend using your Pakistani Rupee card. Just top up in-app with however much you want and enjoy your travels.

    Try Revolut now.
  • If an ATM asks you to convert money, always select 'No’ in order to get the best possible exchange rate. Also keep an eye out for ATM access fees, as some providers might charge an additional fee that we can’t prevent. If they ask you to pay something extra, decline the payment.Learn more.
  • There are tonnes of benefits to a Pakistani Rupee card. Let’s look at a few:

    1. Send and spend in Pakistani Rupees and 150+ other currencies.
    2. No need to exchange or carry cash. Pay with your Pakistani Rupee card, either contactless or with chip and PIN.
    3. No need to wait for your physical card to arrive. Instantly add your card to Google Pay or Apple Pay.
    4. Create single-use virtual cards for safe online shopping or travel bookings.
    5. Enjoy fee-free ATM withdrawals between £200 and £2,000 monthly, depending on your plan.
    6. Get instant payment notifications to keep track of how much you spend.
    7. Stay in control of your card’s security, with card freezing and spending limit controls.
    8. Easily manage your spending around the world with the free Revolut app.

    Try Revolut now.
  • To order your Revolut debit card and start spending in Pakistani Rupees, simply:

    1. Download the Revolut app on your Android or iPhone and sign up for free.
    2. Order your free Pakistani Rupee card. Top up your balance in GBP or 150+ other currencies.
    3. Get your card in the post or add it to Google Pay or Apple Pay to use it immediately.
    4. Start spending like a local in Pakistani Rupees.

    Learn more.
The content of this page is for general information purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. If you have any questions about your personal circumstances, please seek professional and independent advice. Revolut is not a financial adviser. *Withdrawing cash from an ATM using your Revolut card is free, up to the limits of your plan. After you hit these limits, we charge a small fee. If you’re withdrawing from an ATM in a currency you don’t hold in your wallet, this will involve a conversion. Exchange fees above your free conversion limits will also apply for that conversion. You may also be charged a fee by the ATM owner when you withdraw funds. Learn more. A maximum of 5 ATM withdrawals a month and up to £200 per rolling month are free. Anything over the above limits is charged at 2% of the value of the ATM withdrawal or a minimum fee of £1 (whichever is greater). Learn more. Want to find out more about the Revolut cards for personal users? Learn more.