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Transfer money between countries and in different currencies at our best rates, or buy local currencies with a multi-currency account, so you can travel and spend like a local. Get this and so much more with Revolut, all in a few taps

How much does it cost to exchange SAR to USD?

When converting SAR to USD, we won't charge you FX fees for transferring money within your foreign exchange allowance. Check our pricing widget for more details

Conversion rates

1 SAR0.26 USD
5 SAR1.33 USD
10 SAR2.66 USD
25 SAR6.65 USD
50 SAR13.31 USD
100 SAR26.62 USD
500 SAR133.10 USD
1,000 SAR266.20 USD
5,000 SAR1,331.00 USD
10,000 SAR2,662.00 USD
50,000 SAR13,310.00 USD
1 USD3.75 SAR
5 USD18.76 SAR
10 USD37.52 SAR
25 USD93.80 SAR
50 USD187.61 SAR
100 USD375.23 SAR
500 USD1,876.15 SAR
1,000 USD3,752.30 SAR
5,000 USD18,761.50 SAR
10,000 USD37,523.00 SAR
50,000 USD187,615.00 SAR

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How do I send money from SAR to USD?

Just add money to your Revolut account, and choose how much you want to send and where to. We'll take care of the rest. With no hidden fees and great exchange rates, Revolut makes it cheap and easy to send SAR to USD to the USA

How long does it take to transfer SAR to USD online?

Transfers to other Revolut users and card transfers usually arrive within minutes. For USD bank transfers domiciled in a SEPA country, your beneficiary should receive your money within 1 working day. We’ll keep you updated on the status of your transfer

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