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British Pounds to Qatari Rials Exchange Rates

1 GBP4.43 QAR
5 GBP22.16 QAR
10 GBP44.33 QAR
25 GBP110.83 QAR
50 GBP221.66 QAR
100 GBP443.32 QAR
500 GBP2,216.63 QAR
1,000 GBP4,433.26 QAR
5,000 GBP22,166.34 QAR
10,000 GBP44,332.69 QAR
50,000 GBP221,663.48 QAR
1 QAR0.22 GBP
5 QAR1.12 GBP
10 QAR2.24 GBP
25 QAR5.61 GBP
50 QAR11.22 GBP
100 QAR22.45 GBP
500 QAR112.26 GBP
1,000 QAR224.53 GBP
5,000 QAR1,122.65 GBP
10,000 QAR2,245.31 GBP
50,000 QAR11,226.56 GBP

Exchange and remittance fees, fair usage limits and T&Cs apply. Exchange rates and fees shown are for illustration only

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How much does it cost to convert British Pounds to Qatari Rials?

When sending from GBP to QAR, we won't charge you currency exchange fees on weekdays (within your plan allowance). Weekend fees may apply. See our pricing widget at the top of the page or our fees page for more details.

How long does it take to transfer GBP to QAR online?

  • Transfers to other Revolut accounts arrive in minutes
  • Card transfers arrive in minutes
  • Bank transfers should arrive within 1 to 5 working days, depending on destination country We’ll keep you updated on the status of your transfer
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