Revolut <18

Invite your friends to Revolut and earn

Earn up to £50 every year when you refer eligible friends to Revolut <18

£5 for you, £5 for them

Earn up to £50 each year and get even more out of Revolut <18 when your eligible friends sign up using your referral code and complete onboarding steps. Age restrictions and T&Cs apply

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Revolut’s better together

Send money to your friends once they’re on Revolut <18 and attach gifs to make them laugh. Lent a friend some cash? Tell them to “Revolut Me!” Age restrictions apply

Join Revolut <18

How does it work?

  1. 1

    Send an invite

    Invite your friend to download the Revolut <18 app and create an account. They need to add your invite code during sign up

  2. 2

    Get set

    Your friend needs to get their account approved by a parent or guardian, and they need to order a spending card via their parent or guardian’s app

  3. 3

    Cash in!

    Once your friend has completed these steps (within 60 days) you’ll earn £5 each. Ker-ching!

Teens aged 13 and above can create an account for free with parent or guardian approval. If you’re age 12 or under, a parent or guardian will need to create an account for you from their Revolut app. Referrals between customers on Revolut <18 are only available to teens aged 13+.