Why you should choose Revolut Ultra

16 June 2023

Ultra at a glance

Revolut Ultra is a one-of-a-kind, top-end plan in the UK and Europe. With an annual fee of £540, Ultra members get £4,100+ in annual* benefits. Enjoy access to an extensive network of airport lounges worldwide, indulge in exclusive lifestyle benefits and explore next-level investment benefits. Not to mention, you’ll get your hands on our most precious card yet: the platinum-plated Ultra card.

Let’s take a look at the Ultra plan:

Who is this card for?

If you’re looking for ultimate travel flexibility, unparalleled lifestyle advantages and next-level investing benefits, Ultra is for you. There’s no minimum income requirement for this debit card, no impact on your credit score, and no gobsmacking APR rates. You’ll also earn up to 0.1% on purchases within Europe and the UK and 1% outside (capped at monthly plan price).

Lifestyle benefits

More than just a precision engineered platinum-plated card, Ultra is packed full of benefits that give you value every single day. From priority member support to subscriptions to brands including Financial Times Digital Premium, ClassPass, WeWork and more (worth £2,100+ a year), Ultra’s lifestyle benefits alone mean that you can earn back the entire cost of your plan.

You’ll also unlock five full access accounts for Revolut <18, the account built for everyone aged 6-17, so Ultra takes care of your family too.

Get peace of mind with comprehensive cover on everyday purchases. That means purchase protection of up to £10,000 a year on stolen or damaged items within a year of purchase, cancelled event protection of up to £1,000 and refund protection of £600 on eligible purchases within 90 days of purchase. Purchases must be made with your Revolut card (insurance T&Cs apply).

Plus, send money to 150+ countries with no transfer fees charged by us.

Travel benefits

Designed for world-class travel, Ultra is your ultimate travel companion. Start your journey in luxury before you jet off, with unlimited access to 1,400+ airport lounges worldwide. That includes food, drink and exceptional service, so you can work or relax in peace before you fly. This one clocks in at up to £300+ a year.

Change of plans? We’ve got you covered with our cancellation for any cause insurance. This gives you freedom and flexibility when travelling, and it’s worth £420 based on estimated travel activity. No matter why you’ve had to cancel your trip, you’ll get up to £5,000 (excess applies) per year refunded for flights, trains, accommodation or events (insurance T&Cs apply).

And Ultra doesn’t forget about Revolut’s travel classics. Start by booking your trip with a Revolut Stay, and get up to 10% cashback on your accommodation.

Travel the world secure in the knowledge that we’ve got your back with worldwide emergency medical and dental cover, including winter sports. Ultra travel insurance also includes cover for car-hire excess, lost or damaged baggage, delayed flights and personal liability. That’s worth £250 a year. Insurance T&Cs apply

Spend, exchange and transfer unlimited amounts of money at great exchange rates, with no fees Monday to Friday. So wherever you are in the world, you can use Ultra without incurring additional charges. Withdraw up to £2,000 from ATMs each rolling month, with no fees charged by us, no matter where you are. That’s another £130+ worth of fees saved a year.

Investment benefits

Unlock powerful opportunities for your money with our lowest investment fees and highest savings rates. Get 10 commission-free stock trades a month, with a fee of 0.12% of the order amount (or minimum country-specific fee) per additional trade thereafter.
Trading financial instruments involves capital risk. Remember that when trading stocks the value of your investment may fall as well as rise and you may lose some or all of your entire initial investment.

As well as our lowest fees on commodities (capital at risk). Enjoy up to 3% AER/Gross (variable) paid out daily (subject to market availability) in the UK. Including no fees, no minimum deposits and no minimum balance requirements. T&Cs apply. With Ultra by your side, you can do it all.

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate, which reflects the interest rate, plus all interest payments made throughout the year. Gross means the interest rate without tax deductions.

Bottom line: enjoy £4,100+ in annual benefits with Ultra

The Ultra plan is one of the most compelling plans on the market, especially if you travel frequently and like the sound of trip cancellation cover and lounge benefits, or if you’re planning to make use of our investment opportunities. All this, available on our ultimate plan: Revolut Ultra.

Benefits may vary based on your location. Our estimated annual value of these benefits does not apply to Ireland.

Ultra T&Cs apply. See applicable plan fees in our Fees Page. Redeemable cashback will be capped at the monthly plan price, and will be recovered if you downgrade within 14 days. Read more in our cashback promotion T&Cs.

*The value displayed has been calculated based on the standalone financial value of new Ultra benefits (e.g. included partnerships), added with the value of savings made on charged fees for benefit usage (e.g. reduced remittances fees) in comparison to Standard plan fees. The latter is informed by the average use of each existing benefit by our top 10% of Metal customers during 2022. The overall value can be realised from using each plan benefit throughout a 1 year period. Please see the plan terms for a full plan benefit breakdown.

The trip and event cancellation insurance value is for illustration only based on the same customer sample as above, and their average annual spent on flights purchased with Revolut (£1,672.32) and bookings made through Revolut Stays (£1,340.30), equaling to £3,012.62 per year. A cancellation rate of 20.6% based on Revolut Stays data was applied and is the assumed factor for total trip cancellations (incl. flights). Value assumes all submitted claims qualify for 70% reimbursement. Please note this is an illustration only based on no product performance data being available to date. Maximum value will depend on user behaviour and can be derived up to the per claim and annual policy limit. Please refer to Insurance T&Cs for details and claims submission criteria.
Value of travel insurance is based on a standalone multi-trip, family travel insurance price provided by our insurance partner and not on usage.

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