We’ve touched down in New Zealand — get the app that does it all! 🇳🇿

3 July 2023Katharine Yacovone

Kia Ora, New Zealand! We’re excited to announce that Revolut, the financial super app used by 30+ million people worldwide, is now available for all Kiwis. From easy money management to instant payments and slick budgeting tools, now you can get more from your money like never before.

Plus, for a limited time only, you have a chance to win one of 1,000 solid, reinforced steel gold Metal cards when you download the app and sign up to Revolut.*

But more on this later — we know you’re curious about what you can expect from the one app to manage all things money. Let’s dive in.

Get the app that does it all 🚀

Revolut New Zealand customers can now send and receive money to friends and family who have a Revolut account in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and more – instantly and at no cost!

Our financial super app offers this, and a bunch of other awesome features to help you get more from your money, every day. With Revolut, you can:

Budget effortlessly 🤓
Stay on top of your spending and track where your money goes each month with seamless budgeting controls for everything from groceries to utilities and travel. You can even set up monthly budgets for specific categories.

Spend like a local 💴
Send and spend overseas at the real-time exchange rate with no hidden fees. Kiwi customers can also order an exclusive Revolut VISA card and use it in 200+ countries. It’s your money, so choose to spend it your way.

Instantly split bills without the headache 🥣
Don’t sweat the cost — split bills directly in-app with friends and family anywhere, anytime. Say goodbye to those awkward conversations and the calculator app.

Round up spare change for something big ✈️
Saving up for that dream vacation? Check out Vaults. Round up every payment to the nearest dollar and drop it in a Vault. Or fund it whenever you’ve got the cash to spare. It’s a fuss-free way to reach your savings goals.

Spend safely online with virtual cards 💳
Create a single-use virtual card in-app so you can shop online with ease. Each time you use the virtual card, we'll automatically destroy those card details and instantly generate new ones in-app. Your main card details won’t ever touch the web, protecting you against online card fraud.

Get security at your fingertips 🔐
Keeping your data and privacy safe is our top priority. So, you can control your Revolut card security directly in-app. Easily turn on and off swipe payments, contactless payments, and ATM withdrawals with a tap.

Plus, if you lose your card —or if it gets stolen— simply freeze or unfreeze it in seconds directly in-app. It’s a great way to protect your funds, whether the card’s gone for good or you find it later behind the couch.

Keep an eye out for more

Revolut started in 2015 because we wanted to get rid of the unfair and often hidden fees associated with exchanging currencies. We’ve since grown far beyond that to help people worldwide manage all things money.

With one app, now you can say goodbye to clunky, traditional banking and ridiculous fees and get greater control and freedom over your money.

Are you ready to get the app for all things money? Sign up today and don’t forget you’ll go into the chance to win one of 1,000 limited edition gold Metal cards!*

*For new customers in New Zealand only. Ends 3 August 2023. T&Cs apply.

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