Dive into these summer money saving tips ⛱️

5 July 2023Kirsty Daniel

Whether you’ve got big plans or small events, going on organised trips or impromptu gatherings, we've got RevTips to help you get the most from your money. Keep reading to see our summer money saving tips, to help you send, spend, save, and split your summer bills, smarter. (Phew, out of breath from all those S’s).

Tip 1: Nail your holiday budget

Funds looking low? We get it, we’re all feeling the pinch right now. But you can still save up to take a trip to Sicily or go to your favourite music festival when you get a holiday budget together, and make a plan to reach it.

Step one – open a Vault. Create goals and reach your target faster than ever with regular transfers, one off payments when you have some spare cash, or set up spare change round ups. So every time you spend with Revolut, we’ll round up to the pound (or euro, or dollar) and pop your change in a Vault for you. Those pennies will add up fast, and you can reach your goal before you know it.

And to make things even easier, you can start a shared Vault with friends to save together for that trip. Everything you need for a group or solo holiday budget, in one place.

Tip 2: Use a top-notch group bills split app (hint, it’s us)

Stuck with the bill for the gig tickets, or the rental car costs? Chat, split, and settle up with your gang with Group Bills on Revolut.

All you have to do is send the transaction to the group chat in-app. We’ll do the maths for you. Then you can get paid back (and track those who haven’t!) and stay organised when you use a split app to make it easy.

Tip 3: Find savings on long getaways or short Stays with hotel offers in-app

Just because you’re still saving for your plans, doesn’t mean you can’t book it!

Explore Stays this summer. Whether it’s a beach getaway, glamping nearby, or a city break abroad, thousands of the hotel offers in-app will allow you to book now and pay at property when you arrive.

Bonus summer money saving tip: you’ll even get cashback for every Stay you book, for a bit of extra spending money!

Cashback amount depending on your plan type, T&Cs apply.

Tip 4: Save while you spend

Check out Rewards in-app for some major discounts and cashback on any pre-summer purchases. T&Cs apply.

And every time you use your card we can grab that spare change and stick it in your Vault - it’s a win win!

Tip 5: Don’t forget your card on your holiday packing checklist

Be ready to pay any way - first, you can add your Revolut card to Apple or Google Pay. It makes spending abroad seamless, so that you can make buying souvenirs speedy!

Make sure you’ve also got a physical card on your holiday packing checklist. You might need one as a back up if your phone dies, or you need an ATM in an emergency – order one before you go (even treat yourself to a personalised holiday card), and put it in your wallet while you’re overpacking.

Personalisation is available on paid plans only and fees may apply.

Plus, if you lose your card, you can order a new one immediately. Just Freeze the old one in seconds, and get a new one delivered to the villa – we got you covered (delivery fees may apply).

To start putting all these summer money saving tips into practice, download the app (if you haven’t already) and start exploring our features. Everything you need for summer is just a few taps away - hotels, saving, currency exchange, cards you can use abroad, at your fingertips.

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