Revolut People links up with LinkedIn

People · 10 May 2024Katharine Yacovone

With 1 billion users, LinkedIn is the place to find top candidates for your growing business — and Revolut People is now integrated with the platform.

With the new integration, you can plug into the world of hiring for even more efficiency. Ready to check it out?

What's Revolut People?

In case you haven't heard — Revolut People is our all-in-one people management platform, including a suite of HR, performance, and recruitment tools.

You may know us for finance, but we're all about finding the best solutions. So, when we couldn't find a people tool that fit our needs, we built one instead.

Just like that, Revolut People was born.

This platform has been the internal powerhouse behind Revolut's dream team, helping us grow from 250 to 10,000 employees over the last 5 years. Now other companies can use it to grow, too.

What can I do with the LinkedIn integration?

We've recently upgraded our Revolut People recruitment features to allow you to manage LinkedIn job listings.

This means you can post and promote your Revolut People job listings on LinkedIn directly from your built-in applicant tracking system (ATS). With everything synced up, it'll be even easier to find the right people for your team.

Reach out to [email protected] to learn more about how you can set up the integration.

What else can I do with Revolut People?

You can use Revolut People to ace your HR, power up your performance, and assemble your A-team. But let's dive into a few other handy recruitment tools available on the platform.

  • Integrate with Google Workspace: easily schedule interviews via Google Calendar, and manage email communication with Gmail — all from one place.
  • Hire with precision: improve employee retention and new-joiner performance through structured hiring processes and tools that help you objectively measure skills and competency
  • Use the application tracking system (ATS): recruiters can save time with dedicated tools and automation that help screen CVs at scale and manage job pipelines
  • Manage offers with ease: create and send job offers with templates and e-sign integration

Ready to get started?

Discover all Revolut Business has to offer and get started on our webpage.

Revolut People is a paid plan. T&Cs apply.

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