New Learn course just dropped - check out Axelar!⚡️

31 October 2023Kirsty Daniel

A new course was just added to our list of Learn portfolio. Now, you can discover Axelar – a pioneering network that promises to break down barriers, enabling a new era of universal Web3 interoperability.

Keep reading for a sneak peek at the course and what Axelar do - and earn WAXL tokens once you take the quiz in-app, to put your new knowledge to the test.

Rewards are not available to UK customers. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and not regulated or protected by investor compensation schemes – value can go down or up. Trading may be subject to tax. Fees payable and minimum investments apply.

Introducing Axelar

Check out how Axelar’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism offers secure interchain communications, by following an approach based on decentralisation.

Dive deeper

Learn how Axelar’s use of General Message Passing ensures applications can seamlessly integrate functionalities across chains, resulting in a scalable, efficient, and interconnected interchain environment.

Go back to basics

Keep building your crypto knowledge with our basics lesson and Polkadot course! We’ve created short lessons that cut through the jargon and make crypto easier to understand, even if you’re a total newbie. And you’ll keep earning free crypto while you’re at it.

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Rewards are not available to UK customers.

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