When Did I Open My Bank Account? How to Find Out

Academy · 29 April 2020Revolut Contributor

It doesn’t come up often, but when you’re asked “when did you open your bank account?”, you’ll need more than just your best guess. But how can you get the correct information, and can you just pick up the phone and ask, “when did I open my bank account?” Here’s what you need to know.

When Did I Open My Bank Account?

Some banks will ask you when you opened your bank account as a security question, along with your date of birth and proof of address. However, if you can’t remember this information off the top of your head, this can get tricky.

There are several ways to check, though the method can vary between different banks.

  • For most banks, you can find out the date you opened your bank account in the “account” section of your online banking profile.
  • You can also check your past bank statements from your account online or via hard copies to see when the first one was (it’s important to keep copies of your statements somewhere safe). Most banks will let you see your statements from the past year online, and will keep information on your statements for five years or longer – which is helpful if you opened your account recently.
  • If your bank account is older, you can contact your bank to ask when you opened your account. Head to the branch, call up your bank, or use a secure message online. However, you may need to provide other proof of your identity such as a passport or driving license.

Can I Check If I Opened A Bank Account?

If you’re wondering “when did I open that bank account?” you may need to find out if you have additional bank accounts under your name.

Sometimes bank accounts can escape your radar: a parent or guardian may have opened a savings account for you when you were a child, or you intended to close an account and forgot. Unfortunately, another common reason for bank accounts existing without your knowledge is identity theft. It’s important to carefully track and manage bank accounts under your name, so your finances and credit are protected.

To check this, you can request a copy of your credit file. This will list the active accounts that are associated with you. If someone recently opened a bank account under your name without your knowledge, it will appear here. Additionally, you can look online for any unclaimed money from ‘inactive’ (or ‘old’) accounts you may have. Talk to family members about possible inactive accounts in your name and see if this jogs a memory.

If you think you may be a victim of identity theft, you must notify the bank, building society or credit card company as soon as possible. Additionally, contact CIFAS (the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service) to apply for protective registration and follow the steps advised by the Independent Commisioner’s Office.

When Does My Bank Account Open?

If you’re setting up a new bank account, the amount of time it takes to open varies between different banks. Some banks process your application over several days, as they need to run a credit check on you. This is an assessment on your financial behaviour, such as your loans and repayment history.

You can start using your bank account as soon as it’s approved by your bank, though it may take longer to receive your bank card and pin number in the post.

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Please note, Revolut is not a bank everywhere it operates. Revolut offers banking services in a limited number of jurisdictions and operates an Electronic Money Institution in the UK.

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