Serving inspiration: Jędrzej’s quest for a Guinness World Record

People · 2 June 2023Alex Carril

Game, set, interview! We chatted with Jędrzej Myszkowski (or Bobby for those who can't pronounce Jędrzej), a Quality Analyst at Revolut, and tennis enthusiast who’s attempting to break a Guinness World Record.

Can you tell us about the Guinness World Record you’re trying to break? What motivated you to choose this particular record?

I’ve always wanted to become a professional athlete and make history in some sport. I started playing tennis at 15, so the chances of a professional career were practically zero, both for the age in which I started and financial possibilities. An athlete in my hometown was trying to break the Guinness World Record for running, and so the idea was born — to try it myself. I found the record for Most Consecutive Singles Tennis Matches and set out to try to break the current record of 36. My goal is 40 matches in 48 hours.

How do you prepare for this record-breaking event?

You need to prepare for about 6 months and the training includes endurance, strength, and tennis training, plus conditioning, stabilisation and regeneration — without which I wouldn’t be able to play for so long, at such intensity.

Before the event, I trained to play for 12, 16, and 24 hours at a time to build up my stamina in order to endure the rigorous record attempt.

I train 6 days a week early in the morning and again in the evenings after work, but it doesn’t bother me — I’m dedicated to this goal, so here I am!

Can you talk about any previous attempts at breaking a Guinness World Record, and what have you learned from those experiences?

My previous attempt in 2018 taught me a lesson for the future: if we undertake something, we must be sure to do it in the most professional way possible. I’m already aware of how difficult it’ll be to play for almost 48 hours. I also know that if I managed to do it a few years ago, I can do it again now, and that gives me a lot of confidence.

How do you balance your work and personal life, and what tips would you share with others trying to achieve a similar balance?

Each of us is different, and each of us needs a different motivation to be happy. I’m a person who can’t do nothing — I always need something to do. My work flexibility allows me to do the things that are important to me. When I’m not playing tennis, I enjoy travelling and meeting other athletes. For someone else, that could be reading a book or meeting with friends. My advice is to have a goal, something to strive for, that gets you up in the morning, makes you happy, and gives you the feeling that today will be a nice day.

How has Revolut supported you during this journey?

Revolut is the main sponsor of this event along with the JC Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy in Alicante, Spain where the event will be held, so the support is tremendous. If it weren’t for Revolut, it’d be difficult to achieve this dream. I’m incredibly grateful to Revolut as a company, and also the people who helped convince me that the event was worth supporting.

How do you stay motivated during your preparation period, and what keeps you going when you face challenges?

My motivation is that I can do what I love — play tennis. The way I manage tough moments is to think I’ll be setting a Guinness World Record and getting to play against some incredible opponents like Spanish tennis champion, Juan Carlos Ferrer.

Whenever I doubt myself, I picture the event poster that I’m on, alongside champions Carlos Alcaraz and Pablo Carreño Busta, and imagine myself on the court having broken a Guinness World Record — something practically impossible for most people to achieve, yet I’m managing to do! This is the greatest motivation for me.

What advice would you have for anyone interested in trying to break a world record?

My advice is to think twice before making such a decision. The requirements imposed by the Guinness World Record committee are strict, the cost of the event is high, and the time spent on the organisation is stressful. However, if you like challenges and are able to give 100% of yourself from beginning to end, I recommend it to anyone. It’s an unforgettable adventure and this is what life is all about.

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