How Dimitris Konstantilieris is evolving Revolut through process improvement

People · 14 December 2020

Revoluters hail from a variety of industries, so it’s no surprise that we would have Dimitris Konstantilieris join us from manufacturing. The Business Process Engineer, who was scouted for his skills in process improvement and system design, calls his career move to fintech ‘rewarding’. We dig deeper to find out why and what it is that makes him tick.

Choosing room for play

The way that Revoluters work prioritises agility, which means new ideas can be quickly implemented and iterated - sometimes in a matter of weeks. This, for Dimitris, was a pleasant surprise, especially since he came from an industry where capital-intensive equipment means much deliberation before the slightest change to status quo is even considered.

Revolut, on the other hand, cultivates flexibility and celebrates innovation. Revoluters ideate as a team, back up their propositions with data, create a minimal viable product and add new features as they go along. This progressive approach reduces the stress around trying something new, and encourages Revoluters to frequently ask, “What can we do better?”

The result is a playground for the imaginative and creative, where even casual conversations inspire. “I could be collaborating with the People team, having meetings with the Crypto and Trading folks, and hearing about new features from Product Owners all in a span of a day. Everyday is different and that’s what makes being a Revoluter so exciting.”

Bringing value to the business

Since coming onboard, Dimitris has improved three major processes within the People department. And soon, he will be leaving to take on new challenges in the FinCrime department as part of his quarterly rotation.

“Process improvement is a transferable skill that has such transformative powers. It’s about understanding the sources of variability, breaking apart their components, playing with the factors and eliminating waste to create a desired outcome that brings immense value to the business.”

Revolut is evolving from the inside out, and Dimitris is part of its evolution. To aspiring Revoluters, especially those from a similar background, he has this to say: “As long as you’re willing to learn and adapt, your skills - be it process improvement, system design or root-cause analysis - can be reapplied to a totally new field. Put yourself to the test; that’s how you know you’re really good at what you do.”

Want to be part of Revolut’s evolution story? We’re hiring internationally. Check our openings here.  

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