Our Top 5 Design Principles at Revolut

People · 7 May 2020Sonja Polimac

When we create at Revolut, we have one focus: our customers. Our designs have to be intelligent, seamless, and efficient to create the best possible experience for them. Customer satisfaction results in exponential business growth - great news for Revolut, but this also enables our people to develop professionally at the same time. This article will give you a peek behind the curtain to introduce you to our five core design principles.

  1. We speak our users’ language

This goes beyond our language localisation and ensuring that we’re culturally aligned to every territory we’re operating in. We want to understand our customers at their core; to capture the spirit of their environments and make Revolut feel like home to every single one of them. We’re building a product that scales to different markets and can be used globally, but still feel local. We focus on the little things, like common terminology and ensuring that our information is compatible with other tools and services.

2. We solve the real problem

Does the problem really exist? We might assume that something is an issue, but until we have some input, data, or insights, we can’t proceed with exploring it in more detail. Revolut was built on moving fast, and we don’t want to waste our resources by starting down the wrong path. So that’s why we delve into the why as part of our initial explorations. The approach is multifaceted - communicating with stakeholders, digging into all the data at our disposal, analysing what’s happening throughout the industry, and most importantly - asking our customers.

3. We create modular and scalable solutions

Creating modular solutions isn’t just about enabling scalability down the line - though it’s a nice perk. Our customers benefit from a consistent user experience, and don’t have to waste time learning how to use new features. This allows us to use our resources wisely, and deliver faster by incorporating existing solutions and UX patterns into our designs. Modularity doesn’t mean we can sit back and relax, though! Our solutions have to always think one step ahead to what the product might need to do, or look like, in the future.

4. We constantly validate

How do we really know if it works? Well - we ask! Decrease uncertainty and focus on what’s really important by ensuring that feedback eliminates options that don’t work early on, and finesses the features that do. If we know what needs to be maintained and what we can improve, then we can release the strongest products for our customers. That’s why we test, get feedback, iterate, and repeat until we’re satisfied. Leave no stone unturned!

5. We enjoy every step of the journey

This is the most important principle. We want to find joy in the work that we’re doing every single day so that we can achieve outstanding results and have a fulfilling career. It might seem a bit fairytale-like, but we’ve got a strong design community at Revolut. By constantly supporting one another, we’re able to address and discuss issues which become blockers for enjoying the process and broaden our options to find excitement in the smallest things.

This is just a taster! If these tips have you intrigued to discover more about our design principles and how we work at Revolut, why don’t you explore our tech blog Under the Hood where we share some more technical and deep-dive articles about our processes and tech stack.

If you think and work the way we do, then maybe there’s an opening for you at Revolut. Explore our job opportunities over on our Careers page to find your next challenge!

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