New feature: we’ve added auto top-up!

News · 22 August 2016Rob Braileanu

We’ve added the option to automatically top-up your Revolut account when your balance is running low, so you don’t ever have to worry about it! ✨ 🎉

Download Revolut 3.0 from the Apple or Google Play store now to enable auto top-up.

How auto top-up works:

Go to ‘Top Up’ in the App and tap ‘Top up by Card’, then select ‘Auto top-up’. Next, you’ll need to choose your conditions for auto top-up. You can automatically top-up your account with either £100, £200 or £500 when your Revolut balance falls below £50, £100 or £200.

A couple of things to note:

The daily auto top-up limit is £500; if you need to add more money to your account you can top-up manually by card in the App.

New Revolut users won’t be able to enable auto top-up straight away. We’ll complete regular checks of your risk profile, and let you know with a pop-up in the App when you can you this feature.

What do you think about our new auto top-up feature? Your feedback is crucial for building a truly Revolutionary product. Let us know via Twitter or Facebook!

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