How to request a chargeback

1 July 2022Team Revolut

You’ve probably clicked on this link or article, because you had some problem transaction, and you’ve learned that you can request a chargeback about it. If so, you’re in the right place!  We're here to help.

If you’re still wondering ‘what is a chargeback’, we suggest you start reading this article, then come back to this one afterwards.

The chargeback process can be lengthy, here are a couple of tips to solve issues faster ⌛

The chargeback process can take up to 12 weeks to be resolved. We need to follow card scheme rules guided by MasterCard/Visa for us to be able to try to retrieve your money. Our chargeback lead, Eryk Bełech suggests that following these steps can help solve most common issues much faster than raising a chargeback;

If you have a problem with an order or service you purchased from a merchant;

  • Make sure to reach out to the merchant first - usually they are happy to resolve the issue amicably. We will not be able to assist you unless this step is completed
  • When reaching out to the merchant, make sure to give them some time to respond - a good rule of thumb is waiting at least seven days for their response
  • When ordering stuff online, you’re usually given an estimated time of arrival for your goods, however it’s not unusual for the shipment to be delayed by a couple of days - don’t file a dispute prematurely
  • A chargeback is not a valid way to cancel a subscription - if you have an issue with continuous charge from the merchant, you’re much better off contacting them yourself and requesting it to be cancelled. We might be able to help in this situation, but only if this step is completed first

If you spot an unknown transaction in your transaction history or you feel like you have been scammed;

  • If you see an unjustified charge from the merchant that you’ve transacted with in the past, make sure to reach out to them to clarify the nature of the charge - often we find these kinds of transactions are related to an active subscription that you might have mistakenly signed up for
  • The name that you see in the app might sometimes be slightly different from the actual name of the merchant. When you click on a transaction in the app, you’ll see more details like merchant category and often their location - this information may help you remember the charge. If this isn’t jogging your memory, then try Googling the merchant name to see if it brings up the company instead
  • We advise against sharing your card details with anyone, however if you do share a card e.g., with relatives, make sure to check with them if you see unrecognised charge as it might be related to their usage
  • Remember that Revolut will never ask for your security details - never share any of your details with strangers, regardless of circumstances

If things are still not right, we're here to help 🛡️

After trying all the steps above, if you still have an issue with your transaction, we’re here to help!

Introducing our new chargeback experience 🎉

We’ve transformed our chargeback experience from our online web form to an in-app experience to make things much easier, faster and efficient for our customers.

Our new in-app experience is personalised so that you can provide the information we need and self-select your issue more confidently. To submit a chargeback;

  • Go to your “Accounts” tab and select “See all” for “Transactions”
  • Select the transaction that you wish to request chargeback for from the list
  • Select “Report an issue” and pick the option that fits best to your situation
  • Follow the guidance on the description, and if the selected situation allows us to raise a chargeback for you, you will have a “Submit Chargeback Form” button

And of course, if you ever need to speak with us, we have a dedicated Chargeback team available on our live chat 24/7.

You asked, we delivered!

While redesigning the chargeback experience, we reached out to our valuable customers like you who have been through the chargeback experience to learn about their problems, listen to the suggestions and the feedback. Our main goal at Revolut is centering you on everything we do.

We’re are all ears, always👂

We believe there’s always room for improvement, if you have any further suggestions or feedback on the new chargeback experience, please share them with us on the Revolut Community.

Thank you in advance to all of you who shared their feedback with us so that we can provide a world-class chargeback experience for you.

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