How Revolut is growing in Europe 🇪🇺

People · 25 February 2019Nik Storonsky

We started Revolut back in 2015 with a strong belief: that money should be borderless. Fast forward to today, and we’ve welcomed over 4 million people to Revolut. That’s a lot of people by anyone’s standards, but we’re not done yet, not by a long shot.

We know that we could help tens of millions of people from around the world experience greater financial freedom, and we’re only just scratching the surface. While our operations team is focused on international expansion and bringing Revolut to new markets globally, we have decided to build a European Growth Machine that will help us to scale faster, closer to home.

Our approach to growth 👊🏻

Revolut started in the UK, and the community here is strong. We then decided to expand to our neighbours, setting up local operations in Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania and Spain.

In each of these countries we now have a handful of dedicated people who own their markets and go above and beyond to make things happen. They’ve done such a great job, that we’re now in a position to expand those teams, and help push Revolut to new heights.

The European Growth Machine ⚙️

Here’s where the European Growth Machine comes in. We plan on hiring independent local teams in 19 European countries, as well as UK-based central teams to support them in their work.

That means hiring over 200 people over the next six months. They’ll be grouped into three teams::

  • The Services Growth Team — From business development to marketing, performance marketing and content production, the role of this team will be to create all the processes and frameworks that our local people need to succeed in their mission.
  • The Product Growth Team — Similar to the services team, but from a product perspective, this team’s role will be to build product features and constantly optimise our product to better answer to the specific requirements of the local growth teams.
  • The Local Growth Teams — Last, but not least, our Local Growth Teams are the hustlers who are going to move the needle in their markets and deliver on their growth targets with the support of the services and product teams.

We’re looking for Radically Better! 💪🏻

Our growth teams work like special forces. They are bold. They never settle. They get **it done. From acquisition to engagement, they own their markets, are passionate about Revolut and are committed to growing the brand, while always focusing on customers.

When you join Revolut, it’s not just another job. You’ll have the chance to build something that really matters, with a team of smart and passionate people. We’ll give you the freedom and tools to bring your absolute best, and limitless opportunities to grow and learn faster than ever before!

Why you should you join us 👇🏻

If you’re a natural self-starter who sees things through from start to finish and learns from every mistake, then you belong at Revolut. We look for people who apply deep logic to their thinking and back everything up with data. We look for owners willing to go the extra mile to grow their markets and do things ten times better, faster and stronger.

If this sounds like you, check out our open roles and join us to build the European Growth Machine - together.

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