Hei Finland 👋 Launching a Revolut team in the Happiest Country in the World

People · 24 August 2022

If you’re already a follower of ours, you may have noticed that this year we opened several new offices around the world. But as a fully remote company, we don’t need a physical office to build an amazing team.

That’s exactly how we’re entering the Finnish market: with a bunch of #GetItDone sales professionals who’ll be the first Revoluters in the Happiest Country in the World, and our first sales team in the Nordic region!

So, how's it going? What’s the Finnish market like? How does it all work? Michelle Cotter, Sales Manager for Finland, answers all our questions.

Wow! The Revolut team continues to expand into the Nordics! How’s this growth come about? What's the story?

I know right, niin jännittävää! Our goal here at Revolut is to build a borderless economy, providing everyone with frictionless, accessible financial products. So growth is integral to our business model. In fact as a company, we just recently celebrated two big milestones: both our 7th birthday and hitting 20m+ customers on the app.

The Nordic region has long been celebrated for their advanced approach to innovation and quick adoption of new technologies. So, it made sense that Revolut would have a presence here. For a few different reasons, such as currency, levels of import/export, market need etc., we’re starting off with Finland!

What's your role at Revolut, and how do you support our Finnish expansion?

I’m the Sales Manager for Finland, leading the Finnish team as we engage with  new business customers. Alongside the training and development of our team, I attend as many events as possible, both virtually and in the capital city of Helsinki.

One event that I’m really looking forward to later this year is SLUSH, a startup/tech event taking place in November where our CEO, Nik Storonsky, will be one of the keynote speakers.

Another way I support our Finnish expansion is by regularly engaging with wider teams internally, such as product development, customer support, and marketing, to make sure we’re all aligned and growing together.

Tell us about Revolut Finland: what’s the team like? How do you work?

The team is brand new, so we’re still growing headcount as we speak. We have eight experienced Account Executives starting over the next few weeks, and we’re still on the lookout for one or two more.

Our primary goal, aside from having some B2B sales experience, is to find people excited at the prospect of growing a new market at Revolut. While the vast majority of each role is autonomous, we need best in class collaboration to make this region a real success story!

We’re all working remotely, and spread across a few different countries, so it’s really important we create a positive team culture. We make sure to celebrate our successes together, share lessons, encourage one another, and make it a safe space to ask for help. Sometimes it’s as small as sharing gifs within the Slack channel for a boost of motivation!

Your team is the first Revolut sales team in the entire Nordic region. Have you been facing any challenges launching Revolut in Finland?

I think our biggest hurdle will be educating the market on who we are and what we do. We don’t have a very large market share in Finland at the moment, and so we need to focus on engaging with as many business leaders as possible over the next few months, and try to create a bit of a buzz.

Business growth in Finland, much like in Ireland, is still heavily reliant on both trust building and word of mouth advocacy. Fortunately for myself and the team, what we’re offering is a credible, reliable, and beneficial financial product. As a result, the vast majority of people we speak to are really interested. It’s just a case of finding the time to speak to them all!

What's unique about the Finnish market?

Where to begin!

Finnish people have a very distinct sense of cultural identity, and are extremely conscientious consumers. If we want to be successful in the Finnish market, it’s important that we build a connection and sense of  trust with our Finnish customers.

One of the simplest examples of the Finnish national identity is their language. While lauded as one of the most difficult in the world to learn, Suomi is as strong within the borders of Finland as it has ever been. From sauna culture, to Moomin trolls, to the Marimekko print napkins served under your blueberry juice on Finnair, the Finns are not just your average  Scandinavians.. in fact, they’re not Scandinavian at all.

How is Revolut competitive as an employer on the Finnish market? Why should candidates consider working at Revolut?

A lot of companies are quick to brag about career opportunities, but I’m probably the poster child for the kind of advancement possible. I started as a Product Executive in December, and within six months moved into a role leading a B2B team growing the Finnish market.

As an organisation, Revolut offers a highly competitive salary and the opportunity to develop your career within the Fintech space. But more specifically to the Finnish team, we have the chance to make waves in a brand new market, and have fun doing it.

Finland is the first of the Nordic countries to have a dedicated sales team at one of the world's fastest growing financial super apps. Now that’s a pretty bold statement to be able to make!

Join Michelle's Finnish Sales team - we're looking for #GetItDone Account Executives 🇫🇮

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