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People · 24 May 2022

18 million personal customers and over half a million business customers sounds impressive. And that’s because it is! But what’s also pretty impressive is how our Customer Support team is on standby 24/7 to help each and every one of those customers if they have a query or need some support.

Our Customer Service team started in 2017 with just 22 agents. Fast forward to today and we've recruited a team of over 1200 specialists - and with our customer base growing every day, we’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon.
This year, we’ve been focusing on a new approach called “Deliver WOW” which we hope will lift our customer service to a completely new level. To discover how it impacts our agents and customers and how our CS team works on a daily basis, we sat down to talk with one of the team.

Meet Jaromir Zieliński, our Support Specialist in Kraków.

Jaromir, how long have you been with Revolut?

It was 2 years in March 2022. I was looking for a job and I thought that a start-up could be a better place than the typical huge corporations I was used to. I applied and got invited to an interview which was very relaxed and let’s say “normal”. That's how it should look - no sticky questions like “where do you see yourself in 20 years from now, etc.” Apart from a great candidate experience, I also got a very nice first impression of a multicultural workplace that I’d love to work at with lots of young, talented and fresh thinking people. I felt like this is a place to be!

Two years in the company. Has the product changed a lot since then?

The product is notoriously dynamic. It is impressive how fast Revolut introduces new features and adapts the existing ones to make the customer experience even better. Working in Customer Support means you need to be on top of all changes and improvements so you can easily and effectively help our customers. Sometimes we’re laughing within the team that it would be easier for us if Revolut slowed down with all the changes. We need to keep fresh and keep learning and thanks to that I don’t feel any stagnation, I am not bored.

And most importantly, it seems like the changes make the users happy; we've added many features and improvements that just make their experience better.

What’s been your career path at Revolut?

I joined as a Retail Customer Service Support agent. Back then the team was smaller and we really had a lot of chats to close every day. Despite that, I was always making sure that I do things right for customers once so they don’t end up frustrated and having to contact us again. After a while my Team Leader came to me with the proposal of a new role. Our managers at Revolut are like coaches - they are here to put their people in the right spots to perform as best as possible and that’s what she did! She saw that I loved delivering quality support, preferred providing as much time as needed for each customer, and the moment she heard about the new project she knew I was the right match. I applied internally with my Team Leader’s blessing and here I am.

What does good customer service mean to you?

It might sound cheesy but it’s true – for me, it is always empathizing with a customer. Good agents should always put themselves in the customer's shoes. So how would I feel if it happened to me? How would I like the agent to react if we changed roles and it is me contacting Revolut support? It really helps to understand their needs and circumstances so that they feel genuinely cared for.

We need to pay attention to details. You don’t speed up things because you want to take care of something else. The main idea behind the “Deliver WOW” approach is to provide a memorable experience – my team takes their time and spends as much of it with the customer as needed to answer every single question, making sure the case is thoroughly and completely resolved.

What does Deliver WOW mean to you?

Deliver WOW – to me, it means supporting our customers so well that they don't need to contact us again, but doing it in such a way that they will want to. It's going beyond a simple resolution, aiming to provide an experience that will make them go "oh, wow – that was really something". It strengthens our position as a company, and makes the users feel confident that we're always there for them.

How does the customer-centric Revolut approach influence your daily work?

It helps a lot! You know that if the company policy was to just resolve as many chats as quickly as possible, then all agents would be working like machines with copy-pasted formulas trying to get rid of the customers as fast as they can. With the policies we have in place I feel satisfied with what I do. I am a person who likes to do things properly the first time, so the fact that I am given time with customers to make sure I deliver that kind of WOW service really helps a lot.
Can you imagine the customers’ frustration when they have to come back with the same problem again as the agent didn’t solve it properly the first time because of the high volume targets they need to achieve? Here it is different. Quality over quantity. I don’t have to cut corners, speed up and give up on the quality of my service. It was always my approach - I may not have been the fastest but I always felt quite confident engaging in conversation with our customers and making them feel cared for.

What are your best tips to deliver a great customer experience?

First of all it is always being proactive and making sure you really understand the case before you start doing something. Then it’s to get in the customers’ mindset, to understand their circumstances and how they feel about the situation.

With the Revolut tone of voice I can form a connection, and even include some personal touches. For example, if the customer mentions their dog, I may pick up on it and use it later on in the conversation. It makes people feel like they are properly listened to, and our relationships end up being better.

How does Revolut help its employees Deliver WOW to our customers?

We have a quality analysis flow, where our analysts can leave feedback for agents and give us some tips on what to improve. Also the team leaders are really helpful. If they see you are struggling with something they are happy to help and they find time for it.

There’s plenty of information on Confluence, which is like our internal Wikipedia, with many articles on customer satisfaction and we have a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Masters team who are always willing to help. Plus we do training - if someone is struggling with something, we plan sessions to go over it.

The tone of voice we use at Revolut is also really helpful. We’re always trying to talk with customers as if they’re talking with friends. So they feel that we really care and we are truly interested in helping them - which is true! Revolut hires only top A players and not only when it comes to developers or product owners. Our CS team is full of great people who love helping others and that's part of what gives us an edge in the market.

What’s the best part of working at Revolut?

For me the best part is helping people. When someone comes to you with a situation that, to them, feels like a crisis - this can be for many different reasons, they might be vulnerable at the time, they might have gone through a loss or something is happening with their finances that makes everything worse - you really get this feeling of changing their situation for the better. And hearing their feedback about how it made their day that much more bearable makes me feel proud of the kind of work I do here. I’m glad Revolut makes that possible.

The next best part is the team. I work with fantastic, kind, passionate people from all over the world and it never gets old. I think a solid team is a cornerstone of a good work environment, and it does wonders for morale.

Interested in becoming part of the Revolut Customer Support team? Check out our open positions and join us in delivering WOW 🚀

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