Boosting the Dream Team Culture: why workplace events matter

People · 21 April 2023Alex Carril

People are a company’s best asset. Working from home has increasingly become the norm, so we sat down with Dara MacManus, head of Global Events & Employee Recognition, to find out why workplace events matter for employees and for building overall company culture.

What would you say is Revolut’s approach towards activities for employees? What’s the mission and how do you make that happen?

Working remotely has made it challenging to build real connections. With no chance to spontaneously chat over lunch or coffee breaks, we're missing out on those valuable moments of bonding, so we implemented workplace events for Revoluters to experience WOW moments, connect with colleagues, and build a strong community.

That’s how RevSocials was born. Our mission for RevSocials is to create a fun, dynamic, and inclusive space where employees can meet other members of the Dream Team to socialise, feel valued, and get motivated with the goal of making Revolut an enjoyable and productive workplace.

What feedback have you received from Revoluters after RevSocials? How do they enjoy those meetings?

Revoluters love our RevSocial events! Surveys show internal events,whether virtual or in-person, facilitate networking, with the biggest benefits being team building and breaking down communication barriers. We found out that 91% of Revoluters who completed a survey agree that in-person RevSocials are the best way to build relationships with colleagues. And let's face it, when we feel connected to our colleagues, we're more likely to feel happier and more engaged at work. This boost in morale ultimately leads to increased job satisfaction.

Do you think it’s possible for an organisation to function well without internal gatherings for employees?

While it's possible, social and especially in-person events are crucial for maintaining a motivated and engaged workforce. RevSocials foster that sense of belonging by helping employees feel like they’re part of a supportive network, while deepening employees' understanding of company values and mission. This leadsto a stronger, more positive company culture.

Can you give some examples of these activities and events you’ve planned for employees?

RevSocials aren't just the typical office party. Not only do they provide a fun way for employees to connect, but also make employees feel more connected to the company and its mission.

Activities range from virtual trivia games to off-site parties, coffee breaks, evening drinks, and wellbeing talks.

Our events cater to different cultural backgrounds and locations. This allows us to come together in person for important local dates, such as Lunar New Year, St Patrick’s Day, or Diwali, while extending company-wide celebrations in alignment with company guilds such as Women’s History Month, Children’s Day, Pride, or Black History Month.

Over the coming months, we have numerous events scheduled, including Earth Day in April, Parents & Carers in May, and Pride Month in June. In July, we’ll celebrate Revolut’s 8th Anniversary with off-site parties across our main locations.

Organising office and virtual meetings for more than 6000 employees located around the world sounds challenging. How is it managing these events for a global fintech company?

It’s definitely challenging! Coordinating schedules across different time zones and dealing with technical issues isn't always easy, but it’s  very exciting. It’s a great opportunity to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together and foster collaboration.

As a fintech company, we approach employee activities with a focus on innovation and creativity. I believe that our events should reflect our mission to revolutionise traditional systems.

It's not just about work, though. We also want our employees to have fun and create lasting memories with their colleagues. With careful planning and execution, it’s very rewarding to see the smiles on everyone’s faces when they get to spend time with each other.

What’s new in RevSocials for 2023 and what can we expect on the agenda for the upcoming months?

2023 is set to be an exciting year for RevSocials! We know our employees prefer in-person gatherings, so it’s vital we continue offering many opportunities for Revoluters to meet face to face.

This year, we stepped up our game by screening monthly Town Hall meetings across our main offices. Also, with our recently-launched monthly CultureLab, we focus on one of our company’s values and employees share stories on how they used that motto through their ongoing projects.

Another focus of ours this year is to prioritise wellbeing. We’re partnering with renowned speakers, who’ll come in to raise awareness on beneficial topics, such as work-life balance, and managing aspects of physical, social, financial, and emotional wellbeing.

What are you most excited about this year?

With teams becoming increasingly borderless and our hybrid workplace structure, we’re constantly exploring new ways to integrate remote employees. As a result, we’re excited to announce that we’re introducing a virtual space for all employees to socialise, network, and have fun while working remotely.

Overall, I’m excited to see the diverse range of events take place that will allow us to come together as a community, celebrate milestones, and create unforgettable experiences in 2023!

Like the idea of remote working and getting the chance to connect with your colleagues?

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