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People · 27 February 2023Karolina Gruszczyk

Maksim Shymanovich joined us last year, and he admits it’s been an intensive journey! How does he remember the onboarding? What was the biggest surprise? What exciting endeavours is he currently pursuing? And finally, what kind of people will definitely enjoy being part of the Revolut team?

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How did you join Revolut?

Before joining Revolut, I had the opportunity to launch and rapidly scale an e-commerce venture from scratch, which reached 25,000 clients worldwide, within just two years. As I was seeking ways to invest the revenue generated from my business for the long-term, I was introduced to the world of fintech.

I was fascinated by the innovative and efficient approach that fintech companies have employed to disrupt traditional financial institutions. In order to gain a deeper understanding of their operations and value propositions, I opened accounts with several fintech companies and conducted in-depth research over a period of several months. I was immensely impressed by what they had to offer as compared to those of legacy financial firms.

Recognizing my experience in building and leading teams, products and projects, I made the decision to transition into the fintech industry and make it my primary career choice. For several years, I led a number of key initiatives at ICE, a London-based wealthtech startup. After obtaining significant experience in fintech, I chose to further advance my career by joining the industry leader, Revolut, where I’m currently responsible for driving the company’s success and increasing its presence in the European market.

One of my key responsibilities involves working with executive leaders, or the C-suite, of our brand to brand (B2B) clients on their digital-first strategy, and incorporating Revolut Business's solutions to address their business challenges. I’m responsible for a portfolio of several high net worth clients in the region.

In collaboration with the team in Spain, we’ve achieved outstanding results, gaining over one million Revolut customers in the country, showing 76% growth in the last year. This makes Revolut the fastest growing financial technology company in Spain.

What do you remember the most from your first weeks here?

My first weeks at Revolut were filled with intensive training sessions and onboarding activities. The company put a strong emphasis on making sure that new joiners were fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in their roles. The onboarding program covered a wide range of topics, from a comprehensive overview of the company's mission and values, to more specific training sessions on subjects such as FinCrime, Risk, and Cybersecurity. These training sessions helped me to get up to speed rapidly and effectively.

My team was made up entirely of new hires, so we were all navigating the company and our roles together. This shared experience brought us all closer, and we formed strong bonds that have persisted even as some team members have moved on from the company. The collaborative and supportive work environment helped me and my team feel welcomed from the very beginning.

Did working at Revolut live up to your expectations? Or is there something that surprised you?

Prior to starting my journey at Revolut, I thoroughly researched the company and how it works. This allowed me to enter with a clear understanding of what to expect. Despite this, there were still some aspects that surprised me, both about the company and the experience of working here.

I knew that Revolut ships new features and expands into new countries quite quickly, but I was still taken aback by the speed and agility at which we do it, outpacing my own expectations.

I was impressed by the level of communication and collaboration between different teams and departments, which allows for new launches to happen rapidly and efficiently. This level of cross-functional coordination is quite rare, even among the best tech companies.

Another aspect of Revolut that was surprising was the extent to which the company has built its tools and systems internally. This is a remarkable feat, especially given the level of complexity involved, and it’s something that many other multinational organisations struggle to achieve.

Lastly, I was amazed by the pace at which Revolut is expanding its teams and hiring new members all around the world, even in the face of a challenging macro environment where many top tech companies are laying off employees.

What do you like most about being part of the Revolut team?

There are several reasons why I enjoy being a part of the team here at Revolut. First, the company culture is truly remarkable. Everyone is highly motivated, talented and collaborative, creating a supportive and inclusive work environment.

The team is made of smart individuals who are always willing to lend a hand and share their knowledge, which makes it an incredibly dynamic place to work. Personally, I’m a mentor with Revolut’s structured mentorship programme, where the main goal is to provide support and guidance for other members of the company, to help them succeed and excel in their specialisation. I meet with my mentees on 1:1 meetings, Q&A sessions and trainings.

We also have internal communities who organise a wide range of interesting events, provide opportunities for employees to connect with each other, and grow both professionally and personally. A few examples are D&I guilds, football teams, and tennis communities in Spain and Germany. I’m delighted to be the initiator of the last one – it’s been incredible to see the level of participation and engagement from my colleagues! All of this shows the level of commitment Revolut has to promote a healthy work-life balance and foster a strong sense of community among its employees.

Revoluters appreciate the company's fast-paced, innovative, and technology-driven work environment. This dynamic and challenging atmosphere encourages everyone in the company to think outside the box and continuously push their limits. Throughout my time at the company, I’ve been able to learn a number of new skills and improve the existing ones 10x quicker than if I was to work in a traditional financial institution. The company's mission to make financial services more accessible to everyone is a source of inspiration and motivation for many employees, who feel a strong sense of purpose in their work and truly never settle.

Who needs to add ‘join Revolut’ to their 2023 resolutions?

I believe that people who enjoy working in a fast-paced and constantly evolving technology-driven environment, and who are passionate about finance and/or fintech, would be well-suited for a role at Revolut. Candidates who have  strong problem-solving and analytical skills, and have a track record of delivering results in a dynamic environment, would also be a great fit. People who value collaboration, innovation, and a strong company culture may find Revolut to be a great place to work.

If you combine all of these characteristics - you’d be an ideal fit for our team at Revolut.

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