Avalanche has arrived on Learn!

28 April 2023Kirsty Daniel

Brrrr, feel that chill? It’s because Avalanche has arrived in-app!

Now, you can expand your crypto knowledge and learn about Avalanche – a platform for creating and launching decentralised applications that delivers speed, security, and is even eco-friendly!

Rewards for completing Learn courses are no longer available for UK customers. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and not regulated or protected by investor compensation schemes – value can go down or up. Trading may be subject to tax. Fees payable and minimum investments apply.

Introducing Avalanche and AVAX

We dive into another platform that is changing the face of blockchain and decentralised finance. And you’ll earn some of their native AVAX token when you pass the quizzes

Dive deeper into the crypto-verse

Learn how Avalanche uses subnets to keep gas fees affordable, and how they have a more energy-efficient way to reach consensus than other blockchains. Don’t worry if that sounds complicated, the course makes it simple

Ready to start learning and earning?

📱 Check you’ve got the latest version of the app
🏠 Head to Home > Hub > Learn
📚 Choose your course – start with Avalanche, 1inch, the Crypto Basics or our Polkadot course
🧠 Take a quiz with your new knowledge
✨ Claim your free crypto!

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