5 Ways to Get **it Done

People · 24 June 2020Yulia Velikanova

We didn’t expect to find a lawyer as Product Owner of our Credit team, but once you hear Alexander Gubochkin’s story, you’ll understand how he got there. From his first job as a fraud investigation and compliance consultant at KPMG, he shifted through roles towards a career in fintech and product ownership. He’s a self starter in the truest sense - always aiming to be better, faster, and stronger than those with more traditionally appropriate backgrounds. His grounding principle also happens to be one of our core values: Get **it Done. Alexander is sharing some of his top tips on how to harness this mentality and make it work for you.

Set visible goals

You can’t get it done if you don’t know what “it” is. Make your goals specific, achievable and measurable. If we know the destination, we can remind ourselves every day why we’re doing what we’re doing. Get things done by achieving regular goals - this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Be passionate

Find your personal motivation in the goal. Answer the questions: why is this your goal, and why do you personally want to achieve it? Passion is when you can’t sleep at night because of the excitement of where tomorrow’s tasks will take you, and how they’ll bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Share the passion

Being consistently energetic and optimistic is only possible if we share our passion with others and welcome their feedback.When we share emotions, we get back so much more from each other, constantly improving and evolving, like a perpetual motion machine.

Plan and prioritise

Usually we’re working on externally-set deadlines, and we build roadmaps accordingly. However, if you don’t have these, set up your own schedule and prioritise. Try not to get stuck on one task and just get it done now, you can always refine and perfect later.

Psych yourself up for the crunch

Get **It Done is often associated with a crunch, or deadline. It’s at this point when we have to mobilise all our resources and give it our all. Crunch times are inevitable, especially in tech companies, but if you’re able to discipline yourself and lean on the process, you can really enjoy the sprint to the finish line.

It’s impossible to live in crunch mode everyday, so be aware of your limits, and don’t overdo it. Take new projects and responsibilities, learn, grow, but never overload yourself. The ‘get things done’ strategy is possible if you take care of yourself, and keep your body and mind healthy. These are the biggest priorities for our success. At Revolut it works perfectly: Get **It Done is like a relay marathon, we’d never be able to finish it without each other.

If this sounds appealing to you, you just might be a Revoluter in the wings. Check out our careers site.

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