Freelancers, get up to 1.2% cashback when you spend on your Revolut Pro card

Just pop your number in the box below to begin. T&Cs Apply Offer for both new and existing customers.

it’s time to go Pro

Simple and convenient tools made for freelancers, contractors, side-hustlers, sole traders, and more – all for free in your Revolut app!

Earn 1.2%* cashback on card spend

Get rewarded with 1.2%* cashback on all Pro debit card purchases, whether you’re buying supplies, booking travel or keeping yourself fed and watered while working away. T&Cs Apply

Get paid in seconds, wherever you are

It doesn’t matter if you’re stood behind a stall or sat behind a desk, accept quick payments via QR codes, payment links, customisable invoices and our card reader.

Everything your side hustle needs, built into your Revolut app for free

From ingoings and outgoings to expenses and invoices, keep your freelance bank account a tap away from your everyday current account. T&Cs Apply

How to redeem your offer:

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    Insert your number in the box above

    Get your unique link to download the Revolut app

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    Sign up to Revolut Retail, and then Revolut ProGo to your Pro pinned section within the app and onboard with your Pro account T&Cs Apply
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    Earn up to 1.2%* cashback on card spendGet rewarded with up to 1.2%* cashback on all Pro debit card purchases. T&Cs Apply

Quick and easy ways to get paid

  • Quick and easy ways to get paid
  • Quick and easy ways to get paid
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  • Revolut
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What are you waiting for?

Take your side hustle to the center stage with Pro today!

*Cashback offered: 0.8% for Metal | 0.6% for Premium | 0.4% for Standard and Plus Offer available in UK and EEA (excl LU and LI) T&Cs Apply