Rev-celerator: Internship Programme

We're not your average fintech — we're a dynamic rocket ship, and our Revoluters are the crew propelling us through the fintech universe. If you're a student eager to be part of this high-speed mission, now's your chance. The Rev-celerator Internship Programme invites high achievers to join us and explore the fintech universe.

Want to jump onboard?

The Rev-celerator Internship Programme is designed for top students seeking to make the most of their summer by working alongside industry professionals, taking on real-world challenges, and honing their skills. Embark on a paid, three-month adventure starting every July, available in multiple locations. Gain hands-on experience, broaden your network, and seize the chance to learn, grow, and influence the future of finance. Join us for a summer of innovation and growth!
"It was a game-changer. I really felt like a proper employee rather then just an intern."NIC - Product Design Intern
"It was really fast growth. It's quite insane how much I've learned in 3 months."KOICHI - iOS Engineer Intern

Dive into the deep end

Start building a successful career.Start building a successful career.
Gain hands-on fintech experience.Gain hands-on fintech experience.
Work with the latest technology and tools.Work with the latest technology and tools.
Start building a successful career.Start building a successful career.
Work on global projects with international teams.Work on global projects with international teams.
Learn from industry experts and develop valuable skills.Learn from industry experts and develop valuable skills.
Work on global projects with international teams.Work on global projects with international teams.

Your internship structure

Join our tailored programme to gain a comprehensive understanding of Revolut. Covering everything from technical and soft skills, it's designed to give you a well-rounded experience and set you up for success. Make sure you make the most of your learning paths — settling for mediocre won't cut it.
  • Coaching


    Our managers and buddies will coach, champion, and support your success.

  • Real responsibilities

    Real responsibilities

    Work on real projects, with our support when needed.

  • Enjoy networking

    Enjoy networking

    Connect, learn, and grow with fellow interns and Revoluters.

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Check out our FAQs

  • This Rev-celerator Programme is an internship scheme, which is aimed at students in their penultimate year of study.
  • We offer internship opportunities in various countries, each tailored for specific roles. Apply for the option that aligns with your interests and preferred locations.Check all internship roles here
  • While we're excited to welcome talented interns, please note that we do not provide sponsorship for accommodation and relocation. We encourage you to explore opportunities that align with your current location or circumstances.
  • Yes, this is a competitively paid programme. Interns will be paid for the duration of the 3 months.
  • The next edition of Rev-celerator Internship programme begins in July 2024 and finishes in September 2024.
  • At the end of the programme, students receive detailed feedback for personal and career growth. Those looking to join us as graduates next year will enjoy a simplified recruitment process, ensuring a smoother transition into our team.
  • We do not sponsor VISA costs as part of the internship programme. Candidates should ensure they have the necessary permissions to intern in their chosen country.
  • Yes, you’ll need to be in your penultimate year at university when applying for the programme.
  • Every year, we increase opportunities for students in various teams. Check our career page for the current list of available teams — there's a broad range of choices.Internship opportunities
  • While we prefer interns to attend the office for the bootcamp and specific programme events, the daily work with international teams doesn't require daily office visits. We value flexibility and encourage in-person collaboration when possible.