Basic Account

Your day to day banking made easy

Account with the most basic features

Right to basic account

You are eligible to open a basic bank account if you do not hold an account with another credit institution in Ireland or if you close the existing one.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Revolut Basic Account you must meet the following criteria: • Currently not hold a current account with a bank in the Republic of Ireland; • Be legally resident in the European Union; • Be over 18 years of age; • You may also be eligible if you currently hold a current account with a bank in the Republic of Ireland but have received notice that your account will be closed; • You do not need to purchase other services from us in order to have a basic account. Basic Account is provided in euro free of charge. T&Cs apply.

What does the Basic Account provide?

With the Basic Account you can: • Receive payments, like minimum wage, social welfare payments or similar; • Pay bills; • Set up Direct Debits and Standing Orders; • Make payment card transactions including online payments; • Access your account both in the Revolut App and on the Website; • Withdraw cash in ATM within European Union.