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Gain full control over your money with Revolut. Open an international bank account to receive, keep, and exchange 36 currencies worldwide — with just one app and one card. Go global, stay local...it's entirely up to you.

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High-security accounts, easy online banking, 24/7 chat support in-app — there's a lot to love about Revolut. With 40+ million worldwide customers and counting, we're aiming to reach every corner of the globe.

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One foreign currency account, 36 currencies

Keep your accounts close and your money closer. With Revolut, you can receive and hold up to 36 currencies in one app, without juggling offshore accounts in different countries. No matter how many times you move or where you travel, it all stays with you.
One foreign currency account, 36 currencies
Who says you can't have it all?

International bank account with a local IBAN

New job in Ireland? Have your salary paid directly into your Revolut account like a local, thanks to your Irish IBAN. That means no more high fees for non-IBAN transfers.

Then travel freely with all your money at your fingertips. Exchange and keep 36 currencies in one app, check balances at a glance, transfer in a tap, and pay with your card abroad in 150+ currencies.

International bank account with a local IBAN
You might be wondering...

What's an international bank account?

An international bank account is designed to help you manage your money across different countries. It makes it easy to send and receive international transfers, access your money while you're abroad, and pay in different currencies.

Because they're so flexible, they're often considered one of the best bank account types for expats and travellers. If you're moving abroad, working overseas, or spending time abroad, an international bank account could be exactly what you need.

What's an international bank account?

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The best of your international bank account

Big life change? We're right behind you with stress-free online banking. Take your next big step with a Revolut multi-currency account.

  1. Transfer money
    Make international money transfers to 160+ countries in just a few taps.
  2. Customise your budget
    Build your own bank using personalised budgeting tools. With in-app reminders and trackers, you'll never wonder where your money went again.
  3. Borrow money
    Buying a house or moving abroad? We're here to back you up. Pay flexibly with a credit card, personal loan, or Pay Later.
  4. Exchange money
    Keep 36 currencies at your fingertips. Check live exchange rates, then convert with low fees and all costs shown in-app.
  5. Save and invest
    Grow your money with Flexible Accounts in EUR, GBP, USD. Add when you want to, take when you need to, and get interest paid daily.
  6. Get rewards and cashback
    Every bit adds up. Earn while you spend, with cashback on online purchases. Who knew your weekly shop could be so rewarding?
All you need is one

One card, 150+ foreign currencies

Consider this your global passport, your golden ticket, your wild card. Just pay as usual wherever Visa and Mastercard are accepted, and we'll convert your money to the local currency for you at great rates.Get your card
One card, 150+ foreign currencies
  1. No charges for payments abroad

    At home, halfway across the world — it's all the same. You won't pay extra fees when you use your card abroad.

  2. Easy ATM withdrawals

    Need cash? Use your card to make withdrawals in the local currency at ATMs worldwide.

  3. Apple Pay and Google Pay
    Create a virtual card and link it to your digital wallet to make contactless payments with just your phone. No more loose change.

Online banking with 24/7 customer support

Got a question? Get real answers from real humans — no chatbots, no queueing. Contact us in-app anytime you need help with your account and we'll be there (yes, even at a 3am panic).Contact us
Online banking with 24/7 customer support

How to open an international bank account online

  1. 1
    Get Revolut

    Download our app for iOS or Android.

  2. 2
    Verify your identity

    Tell us a bit about yourself and upload a valid form of ID to help us keep your account secure.

  3. 3
    Explore the app

    Add money to your account, exchange currencies, make international transfers, receive money, and more — all in one place.

Why choose our multi-currency bank account?

We'll let our customers answer that one. Read our reviews and get the scoop directly from those who know us best.

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Open an international bank account with Revolut

Just say the word. We'll transfer your salary and direct debits from your current bank to your new multi-currency Revolut account — at no cost, without the paperwork. Don't worry, we'll break it to your bank gently.Join Revolut
Open an international bank account with Revolut

All your questions, answered

Multi-currency bank account FAQs

  • An international bank account makes managing your money across different countries easier. It lets you hold multiple currencies in one account, exchange between currencies, and send money worldwide. If you're moving abroad, working overseas, or travelling often, an international bank account can take the guesswork out of your everyday banking. So, is it the same as an offshore account? Not exactly. An offshore account is one that you hold in a country you don't live in. With our international bank account, it's like having multiple foreign currency accounts all in one place. You can keep and manage 36 in one app, without having to keep track of different offshore accounts.
  • To be eligible for a basic multi-currency account with Revolut, you need to:
    • be at least 18 years old
    • be a legal resident in Ireland
    • have no payment accounts (either individually or jointly) with other banks in Ireland, or have received a notice that your payment account will be closed
    • pass routine anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing checks, as required by law
    • provide a valid form of ID
    • fill in your personal details

    When you sign up for an account, we may ask you to declare that you're eligible based on the criteria above and provide any documentation we consider necessary. Don't worry, we'll walk you through the process every step of the way.

    Find more info in our Basic Account Terms.

  • The best international bank account for you depends on your specific preferences, such as the currencies you want to keep, the rates and fees you're looking for, and the banking services you need. Compare different providers so you can make an informed choice. If you're travelling often or living abroad, our multi-currency account may be just what you need. Here are just some of the perks of opening an international bank account with us:

    And that's just the beginning. Download our app to learn more and open your account.

  • You don't necessarily need a bank account to exchange currencies, but having one can make the process simpler and get you better rates. You can exchange money at airport kiosks, but their exchange rates aren't the most competitive and their fees are often high. If you'll be exchanging currencies often, our international bank account can make things easier for you and help you save. Here are some ways you can convert money with us:
  • Yes, you can have a bank account in a foreign currency. Foreign bank accounts, also known as offshore bank accounts, are ones that you hold in countries you don't live in. If you're a legal resident abroad with a valid visa and a local address, you'll usually be able to open the same types of accounts anyone else would in your new country. Many banks also have account options for non-residents. In either case, you'll be able to keep the local currency in your account, and possibly other currencies too. While offshore accounts can give you easy access to your foreign currencies, they can also come with high fees and minimum balances. Always compare different providers and read up on their T&Cs before making a decision. With our multi-currency bank account, you get the best of local and international accounts. Since you're opening it as a resident in Ireland, you get a local IBAN and all the benefits of an Irish account. This means you can get paid in Euros without the high fees associated with non-IBAN transfers. At the same time, you can keep 36 supported currencies in one app, so you can manage your money across different countries without missing a beat.
  • Yes, you can deposit any of the 36 supported holding currencies into your Revolut bank account. Here's how you can receive money:
    1. Open your Revolut app.
    2. Tap Accounts and select the currency you'd like to receive your money in.
    3. Tap Details to view your account details.
    4. If you're transferring from your own external bank account, just use those details to send your money. If you're receiving the money from someone else, give them your Revolut bank account details for them to complete the transfer.
    5. That's all — just wait for your money to arrive in your account.
  • With Revolut, sending money internationally is just as easy as receiving it. Here's how to send a bank transfer:
    1. Go to the Transfers section in-app.
    2. Tap + New.
    3. Choose Bank recipient for local bank transfers in the same currency or Send international for cross-border bank transfers.
    4. Follow instructions in-app to enter your recipient's country, currency, transfer amount, and account details.
    5. Check our exchange rates and fees in-app.
    6. Hit Send to complete your bank transfer.