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From London to Wellington, people all around the world are using Revolut to make their lives easier. See what they think in our customer reviews.

  • Boris 🇬🇧

    "Awesome product, customer service is excellent, Revolut customer since 2020 and no single complaint. Keep up the good job!!!"

  • Enrica 🇮🇪

    "I'm extremely satisfied with Revolut! I've had a great experience using their services: so easy and user friendly. On top of that, every problem I've encountered was quickly resolved with the help of their kind and effective customer support. 5 stars all the way!"

  • Adrian 🇫🇷

    "I closed my accounts elsewhere. The best bank I've had since I started life. No fees at all if desired with the free plan. Ultra-fast and efficient 24-hour assistance. The greatest success of a banking company. I wish you the best and remain a loyal customer."

  • Emmajane 🇪🇸

    "This app has made things so much easier. Can transfer immediately to people. The savings tools are simply amazing. I just adore the app."

  • Emil 🇷🇴

    "I love Revolut! I like the experience with the virtual card, the transfer speed, the fact that you can have several currencies at the same time and I really like splitting the bill at restaurants!"

Dive into Revolut card reviews

Revolut is so much more than a card. But our Visa and Mastercard debit cards are great for spending at home or abroad.

  • Laura 🇬🇧

    "The initial process of signing up for a Revolut card is pretty straightforward and the virtual card is set to go immediately with the physical card taking just a few days. Using the card and transferring money is so easy, and the notifications on spend are instant and useful when overseas in seeing exactly what things cost. I’ve used mine across Europe and the USA and never once had it declined or an outlet refusing it. They are very quick too at responding to any questions."

  • John 🇮🇪

    "Perfect for what I require to be able to load money on the card and budget what I spend. And the disposable one-time use card is genius!"

  • Daniele 🇮🇹

    "I love payment notifications, being able to see everything I spend my money on, my predicted spending for the month, and budget notifications. I know that if my card is stolen or lost I can simply freeze it from the app. So easy to send money to friends and family. Might just be the best debit card service out there!"

  • Martin 🇦🇹

    "Revolut made my life so much easier. No more hassle switching currencies while travelling. A Joint Account with your loved one with separate cards — ideal for grocery shopping! Very useful security features for your physical card and so much more! I recommend Revolut to anyone that wants to keep their financials simple. Thank you Revolut!"

  • Corinne 🇬🇧

    ”I have used Revolute for a couple of years now and find it helpful for a number of reasons. Firstly, at home I can keep track of spending as I use it for everyday spending. Automatic money transfer to my Revolut card when the account is low means I don't have to think about moving money. For travel abroad it's very useful. I save for our annual holiday in a euro account and exchange pounds when I think the rate reasonable. Being able to instantly add euros has been a godsend, as well as using the euro account as if I am at home but paying in euros. Lastly being able to send money to my husband's card has proved extremely useful this year when his credit cards were stolen and he had bills to pay — all taking seconds to do and with clear security. Love it.”

¹ Paid Plan Terms and subscription fees apply. ² Revolut under 18 is available for ages 6-17 in EEA. Requires parents to have a Revolut account. T&Cs apply.

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Is Revolut safe?

Yes, security is our top priority. We're trusted by 45+ million global customers to look after more than $15 billion in deposits. In the EEA, Revolut Bank UAB is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania and the European Central Bank as a credit institution. Your money is protected through deposit insurance, insured by the Lithuanian State Company Deposit and Investment Insurance.
  • Our 2,500+ strong financial crime team saved Revolut customers more than £200M in potentially fraudulent transactions in 2022 alone.
  • The Revolut app is armed with innovative tools and award-winning, 24/7 customer support, so you stay protected and in control.
  • We ensure your data is processed responsibly, and we align our practices with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and any global data protection legislation. Check out our Privacy Notice to learn more.
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Our award-winning customer service team will be with you in 2 minutes on average. Chat to us in 100+ languages, directly from your app. All chats are encrypted, so your personal info stays safe.Get Revolut

Check out customer service reviews

Sure, we could talk up our success ... but don’t you want to hear from people relying on our customer service to make their lives easier, all over the world?

  • Benjamin 🇬🇧

    "Absolutely Brilliant, Nana provided me with proof of payment return to the merchant to support my case, the chat was prompt and not robotic. First class, thank you very much!"

  • Adam 🇮🇪

    "The customer service team are very helpful and supportive and patient. I could not have had any better help, they are the very best. Thanks again to the customer service team at Revolut."

  • Bilal 🇫🇷

    "Of all the banks in which I am a customer, I got, undoubtedly, the best support agent at Revolut with whom I was able to discuss. He was of great help to me, he advised well, and was very explicit! He did not hesitate to reassure me and in addition to thank me for being a longtime customer! He was just the best agent!"

  • Paulina 🇵🇱

    "I received information on a regular basis what was happening in my case, what progress. The service is very nice and helpful. Consultants' approach at a great level. The case has been successfully resolved."

  • Bjoern 🇳🇱

    "You really helped me quickly, and competently. I thought it would be much more difficult, but you helped me a lot. If I can give you a rating somewhere, please let us know because I am very happy."

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ICXA Best Use Of Customer Insight & Feedback, InternationalICXA Best Use Of Customer Insight & Feedback, International
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Best Neo-bank, Finance Magnates London Summit 2023Best Neo-bank, Finance Magnates London Summit 2023
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How does Revolut work?

Manage all your finances safely and effortlessly, transfer globally, and hold different currencies in-app. Use cards abroad at great exchange rates. We could babble on, or you could discover it yourself. T&Cs apply.Download the app


  • Revolut is great for spending while abroad. Competitive exchange rates help you save when paying in different currencies, and you can hold a range of currencies on your account. Check out our currency converter to learn more about exchange rates. Additionally, you can transfer money internationally in 70+ currencies. We show all our fees in-app, so you'll know exactly what it'll cost you before you send. Use your physical multi-currency card or virtual card (via Apple or Google wallet) and track all your transaction while abroad in one app.
  • With Revolut, you can conveniently and securely manage all your finances in one place. You can create multi-currency accounts, save on international transaction fees (fees depend on your chosen plan), create custom card designs, and much more. Check out our pricing plans.
  • As a regulated financial institution, it’s both our duty and top priority to keep your money safe. Your account's protected by a 24/7 fraud prevention team and advanced AI-based algorithms. We flag suspicious transactions, keep your card details safe, and offer 2-factor authentication to add that extra layer of security. You can also freeze your card immediately in-app if you need to. See anything that doesn't look right? Report unrecognised activity to our team. Learn more about how you can proactively prevent fraud.
  • There are plenty of reasons why it might be worth signing up for Revolut account, like: - Global transfers with competitive exchanges rates - Fast and secure transactions - Multi-currency accounts that let you hold a range of currencies at once - Budgeting and analytics features to track your habits - Safety features to help you control your money Revolut is here to help you change the way you do money.
  • You can use Revolut to pay safely, whichever way you pay — from daily transactions and transfers to online spending, at home or abroad. To protect your account, we: - flag potentially suspicious transactions - safeguard your card information - request additional verification on certain payments for an extra layer of protection We also offer single-use virtual cards for online shopping, which automatically reset their card details each time you spend. If you lose your physical card or you suspect someone's gotten ahold of your card details, you can instantly freeze it in-app. You can even confirm and check if all our Revolut app systems are operational with our handy system status webpage. Learn more about how we keep your money safe.
  • Revolut debit cards do everything other debit cards can. Plus, they come with great features that give you more control over your money. Order your physical card to bring it wherever you go, or add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay. Send in a range of currencies, get competitive exchange rates, and withdraw money in local currencies. No need to wait for your physical card to arrive in the post — create virtual cards instantly to pay online or in-person via your smartphone. Or try our single-use cards to increase your security when paying online. For these, the details reset each time you pay, keeping your account even safer. Learn more about our multi-currency cards.
  • Revolut is a fully licensed bank in some regions we operate in, including the European Economic Area (EEA). Revolut Bank UAB holds a full banking licence in Lithuania, allowing us to offer cross-border banking services to our customers in the EEA. However, Revolut isn't a bank in all locations we operate in, including the United Kingdom. We're working towards securing a UK banking licence, but we currently offer e-money services to our UK customers. We protect our UK customers' money by holding it in safeguarded accounts with regulated banks. Read more about how we safeguard our customers' money.