Tax payment

Pay your taxes with Revolut

With Revolut, you can make payments for settlements and debts to the Tax Agency (AEAT) in-app

Head to the AEAT website

Go to AEAT's website where you can fill in your details. Follow the instructions to complete the form, and when choosing the payment method, select 'Recognition of debt and payment by transfer'.

Get the banking details

At this point, the AEAT will show you the banking details to make the transfer from Revolut:
  • IBAN
  • Total amount to pay
  • Your unique code for bank transfers
  • Payment deadline
  • Log into Revolut

    In order to make a bank transfer to AEAT:
  • Select the Send money tab
  • On the contacts list screen, select the + sign in the top right corner
  • Select Bank transfer to initiate a SEPA transfer
  • Enter the banking details you just received from the AEAT and make sure to input your unique code in the Message section
  • Please note that the transfer may take between 24 and 48 business hours to reach the destination account.

    Here's a video with the process from the AEAT and here's a page with the process from the AEAT. This form of payment is accepted for self-assessments and settlements (as well as for querying such payments) via SEPA-type transfer (the usual default ones). You can make payments for all, except for the following models: 003, 060, 061, 069, 576, 602, 696, 770, 771, 790, 791, 990 or 991.