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That’s weekends, too. Save and get interest paid daily directly to your Business account — and make sure your company’s spare cash is always working. Even when you’re not.

¹This interest rate is variable and your returns may vary depending on your plan.

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Add or withdraw money with zero restrictions, whenever you need to, instantly. And set controls for who else gets access, too.Get started
access when you need it, 24/7

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Savings are deposited with our trusted partner banks, protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000 for eligible businesses.Sign up in minutes
Your money is protected

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These interest rates are variable and displayed as the Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) which illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year. Savings T&Cs apply.

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Get your money growing for whatever’s on the horizon — from tax payments and unexpected expenses, to making acquisitions, or re-investing in your business.Start saving

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Savings FAQS

  • Savings is available for all Businesses on Grow, Scale, and Enterprise plans in the UK. Savings isn’t available for Basic plan customers at the moment.Find out more about Savings.
  • You need to be on any of our paid plans and:
    • have fewer than 250 employees
    • a turnover of £36M or less, and
    • a balance of £18M or less
    See our Help Centre for more.
  • AER is the interest rate you'll earn on your savings balance if your interest compounds on that balance over time. Gross means this is the rate you get before tax is deducted.Learn more.
  • Your savings are protected by the FSCS through our partner banks — up to £85k.Check the FSCS website for more info.