Pick a plan tailored to your business needs

Get started with an online business account under your registered business name. You can update or cancel your plan any time.

Open an account under your registered business name. Change or cancel at any time. Doing business smarter starts here.

FreeFreeGet started with basic features
Grow£25/monthSave up to 24% on the annual plan
Scale£100/monthSave up to 21% on the annual plan
EnterpriseCustomTailored for larger businesses

Metal cards

An additional £49 for every metal card outside of your free allowance

1 free
2 free

Plastic company cards

Get cards with individual limits for your team. Up to 3 per team member, fees may apply

Virtual company cards

Set up online cards for an additional layer of security. Up to 200 per team member

Transfers and exchange

Fee-free international payments

A £3 fee applies per international payment outside the monthly allowance


Fee-free local payments

A £0.20 fee applies to every local transfer made outside the monthly allowance


Foreign exchange at the real exchange rate

A 0.4% markup applies for each exchange outside of the free monthly allowance. Fees apply outside market hours


Crypto exchange

1.99% fee
0.99% fee
0.99% fee
0.99% fee

Bulk payments

Spend like a local in 150 currencies

Hold and exchange 25+ currencies

Free transfers to Revolut accounts

IBANs for global transfers

Manage recurring transfers

Local accounts in GBP and EUR

Accept payments online

UK consumer cards

1% + £0.20
1% + £0.20
1% + £0.20

International and commercial cards

2.8% + £0.20
2.8% + £0.20
2.8% + £0.20

Revolut Pay

1% + £0.20
1% + £0.20
1% + £0.20

Easy bank transfers

Fees will never exceed £1 per transaction

1% + £0.20
1% + £0.20
1% + £0.20

Create and track your invoices

Accept payments on your website

Accept payments in-person

UK consumer cards

0.8% + £0.02
0.8% + £0.02
0.8% + £0.02

International and commercial cards

2.6% + £0.02
2.6% + £0.02
2.6% + £0.02
Team management

Invite unlimited team members

Team member permissions

Spend management

Transfer approval

Manage your team’s expenses

Add members for £5 per month

Additional features

Account management

24/7 support



Business API integrations

Limit and Stop orders


Manage your team’s Payroll

Add members for £3 per month

Connect your company’s apps

Xero, Slack, QuickBooks and more

Access on the web or via the app

Request payments with shareable links

"To other CFOs considering Revolut Business: go for it! Flexible with easy access, it's a no-brainer."Arthur Edson, Head of Finance • Wild

Need a little more help?

Common questions

How can I pay for my plans?

It’s up to you. We have monthly and yearly subscriptions for our Grow, Scale and Enterprise plans. The great thing is, if you choose to pay for your plan annually, you’ll get two months free – saving you up to 29% on the total price in the long run. You can also get started with our free business plan, which is a great taster of all the things you can do with Revolut Business, without the regular subscription charge. Usage fees may still apply.

Can I change my plan whenever I want?

Of course. If you wish to move to a cheaper plan, it’ll start at your next billing cycle. If you upgrade, you’ll have the option to move to the new plan immediately or at the start of the next billing cycle.

How much will I pay if I go over my allowances?

Our table above shows you the exact fees you’ll need to pay if you go over the allowance included in your plan.

Do I have to pay extra for account maintenance?

Not a penny. Anything that has to do with keeping your business account up and running is on us.

How can I cancel my paid plan?

We’d love to keep you around, but if you decide to cancel your paid plan, you can do so from your app, in your billing settings. We’ll cancel your subscription at the end of your current (monthly or annual) billing cycle – and you won’t have to pay anything after.
More information on closing your account here

How many physical and virtual cards can I have, and how much do they cost?

Each individual can hold up to 3 physical and 200 virtual cards. Your first plastic card is free of charge, and any others you order will incur a delivery fee. Depending on your plan, you may also be able to order a limited number of free metal cards. Check the plans table above for more details. Virtual cards are always free. On Freelance accounts, only account owners are allowed to hold cards.

Can I pay for my plan on a quarterly basis?

At the moment, we only offer monthly and annual subscriptions for all our paid plans.

How much does it cost to make local and international payments?

Please check the tables above to see the costs for local and international transactions. For more info on the price difference for each plan.
Read our legal guidance on business fees.