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Save time with automated expenses. No more lost receipts, no more manual data entry.

Empower your team with company debit cards

Invite your whole team and tailor every aspect of their card access. Set spending limits, block and freeze cards, and determine how team members can spend

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Stay on top of your team's expenses

Utilise real-time spending notifications and expense approvals, so you know what’s going on. Track what needs review and what’s already been taken care of. Add members for £5 a month

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No more missing information

Team members get instant reminders after each card transaction. Once a receipt is uploaded or forwarded via email, it’s attached to the right expense, meaning less work for you

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Bookkeeping made quick and easy

Reduce human errors and save time with automated bookkeeping tools. Sync expenses automatically with accounting software like Xero, or easily export them as a CSV file

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Arthur Edson, Head of Finance • Wild"It's a game changer. Just use cards and upload expenses to the app. Approved spend syncs to our accounting system."

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Smart company debit cards help you and your team go further

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Expense Management FAQs

  • Expense management is a system businesses can use to process, pay and manage employee expenses. Revolut Business Expenses helps you make sure your team's on top of their expenses, and automates admin-heavy tasks like matching receipts to spend, categorising, and reconciling all your business expenses all in one place, so you save time on your admin!Learn more
  • Expense management is important for businesses to capture, categorise, and reconcile all expenditure in one place. All your important information is logged, synced, and ready to submit to your bookkeeping software or reviewed by your accounting team. For admins, this means all outbound transactions are tracked, including debit cards and transfers, and can be reviewed in one click. For team members, expenses can be uploaded in a snap on-the-go via a photo, file upload or an email and automatically processed.Learn more.
  • When you and your team make outbound transactions, they automatically appear in the Expenses section of the Revolut Business app, ready for your review (including all outbound transactions like card payments, transfers, and direct debits). You can manage your Expenses with: 1. Real-time spending notifications 2. Easy approvals: your team can simply email or attach receipts to expenses 3. Hands-off bookkeeping: your expenses can be automatically synced to accounting software like Xero, or you can easily export them as a CSV file. Expenses and bookkeeping, made easy.Learn more