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VOLA gets real financial control via Virtual Cards API

💼 Industry: travel | 📈 Stage: enterprise |📍 Headquarters: Romania ✅ Saved 2 days' worth of sales revenue in their cashflow Fast & secure transactions with automatic virtual cards

Gearing up for global sales

Vola, leading travel agency in Poland and Romania, buys tickets from local and global airlines all day, every day.

Paying suppliers ‌large amounts on prepaid cards meant tying up their cash flow, locking money away where they couldn't track it. They needed a way to cut long transfer times, and make exchanging multiple currencies easier on employees — and on their bottom line.

Managing cash was a real challenge, and not having eyes on their money increased the risk of fraud.


Automating payments with API

With Revolut Business, Vola found the reigns to cash flow control: our virtual cards API.

For every new reservation Vola receives, a virtual card is generated automatically. It means any supplier is paid the exact amount they need, in their preferred currency, directly from Vola's Business account. Once a payment is processed, the card can't be used again. It doesn’t just keep transactions secure, it means supplier payments are flying out quickly and precisely.


More control, more visibility

The outcome? First, Vola saved 2 days' worth of sales revenue in their cashflow. With cash no longer locked up in prepaid cards, they can more easily and securely fund day-to-day operations.

Plus, their currency exchange fees are the lowest they’ve ever been, thanks to Revolut Business’ interbank rate. And they track every payment, exchange, and card in the Revolut Business app.

Finally, they sync and reconcile payments with their accounting software via our API — giving them greater visibility and control over all their finances.

​​Krzysztof Węcławowicz, Head of Fintech & Partnerships • Vola“Using Revolut Business made my life easier managing finances in a big company. I don’t have to worry. I can count on the wires coming on time, I can count on fair currency deals. It’s just super user-friendly — I love using it.”

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