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  • Get more from your plan

  • Free metal cards£49 per extra card outside the free allowance, or equivalent amount in your chosen currency
    No metal
  • Free international paymentsA £3 fee applies per international payment outside the free allowance
  • Free local paymentsA £0.2 fee applies per local payment outside the free allowance
  • Foreign exchange (FX) at the interbank rateA 0.4% markup applies for each FX outside the free allowance
  • Free UK and EEA consumer card payment acceptanceA 1.3% fee applies outside the free allowance. For all other payments, a 2.8% fee applies
  • Free team membersOnboard team members as you need them. £5 per team member per month outside the free allowance
  • Priority 24/7 supportChat with our experts and get answers to your questions
  • Upgrade to unlock these features

  • ExpensesManage your team’s expenses in one place
  • RewardsSave with tailored offers and exclusive discounts
  • Team member permissionsStay in total contol by managing their permissions and levels of access
  • Payment approvalProtect yourself from administrative errors by setting up approval workflows with customisable rules for payments
  • Bulk paymentsUpload a bulk payment file to quickly create multiple payments at the same time
  • Great value for all

  • Free payments to Revolut accountsReal-time transfers to any Revolut business or personal account
  • Hold and exchange 28 currenciesSave money on currency exchange with multi-currency accounts
  • Local accounts in GBP and EURSend and receive payments like a local
  • IBANs for global transfersReceive payments from anywhere in the world
  • Plastic company cardsOrder cards for your team and set individual limits. Track spending in real time
  • Virtual company cardsLet your team spend securely online while staying in control of individual limits and spending
  • SubscriptionsManage your recurring payments from a single dashboard
  • Spend like a local in 150 currenciesSave when you use your company card abroad, with FX at the interbank rate
  • Payment requestsRequest card payments quickly and easily with shareable online payment links or QR codes
  • Accept payments on your websiteInstall one of our plugins or build your own checkout experience using our customisable widget and Merchant API
  • MarketplaceConnect your everyday apps and accounting software
  • Business APIConnect your company’s applications to your Revolut Business account
  • Access on the web or via the appUse your business account anywhere
  • Coming soon

  • Loans and overdrafts
  • Local accounts in more currencies
  • Invoices
  • Payroll

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