You can now transfer locally in IDR, INR, MYR and PHP

Business · 30 July 2020Sarah Hiraki

Some great news – you can now transfer local currency to local accounts in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We're always working to help you get more from your business account, and now you'll have the freedom to work with even more clients and suppliers from around the world.

A heads-up on restrictions 🙋‍♀️

As you may know, IDR, INR, MYR and PHP are restricted currencies by their respective governments, meaning that you can’t send these currencies to countries other than Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines, respectively.

It also means that you can’t hold these currencies as balances. When making the payment, you will need to have funds from an existing balance in another currency.

That might seem a little confusing, so here’s an example:

✅  You can send INR to India

✅  You can send any other supported currency to India

❌  You can not send INR outside of India

Due to requirements from local governments, a payment reason is required for every transfer you make in INR to India or MYR to Malaysia.

If you have any issues while making a transfer, please do get in touch with us via our in-app chat support.

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