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Business banking · 6 December 2023Katharine Yacovone

Managing your team can be tricky, especially if your company is growing. Many businesses face similar challenges when hiring great candidates, introducing new employees, running performance reviews, and more. We get it: we were there 5 years ago.

The worst part? Many solutions didn't hit the mark. The available people tools were disjointed, clunky, lacking clarity or scalability. We had to use, and juggle, many at once.

So we took the matter into our own hands.

Creating a global people platform

We designed an all-in-one solution addressing everything we needed for global HR, performance, and recruitment, drawing on our financial app's ease of use. Revolut People isn't just a platform: it's a chronicle of our growth — from a small startup to a global powerhouse.

Let's take a look at what it can do for your business:

Ace your HR

With Revolut People, you can handle anything HR — employees data, documents, time off, and more — seamlessly, all in one place. This central platform lets you organise everything, and it has tools that help you follow global employment standards. Plus, automated, self-service tools save you and your team time on HR admin, so you can do more for your people.

Power up your performance

Tap into your team's true potential with structured quarterly performance reviews and anytime feedback features that support growth. Our 360 reviews help your team look at performance from all angles and measure it effectively for strong development. KPIs and strategic roadmaps keep everyone in the know. Tools help you get the best out of each employee, every step of the way, all while maintaining a happy and productive team.

Assemble your A-team

Scale your team with our recruitment tools that helped us grow from 2 co-founders to 7,500+ employees strong. We continuously developed our process while reviewing 1.4 million job applications annually, and our skills and culture-based assessments ensure precision. From requisition to onboarding, find the best players to build your dream team.

Revolut People is the engine behind our 30x people growth across 25+ countries. Now businesses around the world can use the very platform that's been pivotal in our journey, and see the results for themselves.

Ready to get started?

If you're looking to perfect how you manage your people, check out our website to learn more.

After successful beta testing, we’re now introducing UK and Irish businesses to Revolut People from our waitlist. We’ll begin onboarding European (EEA) businesses early next year. To be one of the first to access the platform, join the wait list and we’ll be in touch soon.

Revolut People is a paid plan. T&Cs apply.

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