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Business banking · 9 March 2021Karyn Ooi

Keeping track of all your business expenses can be a messy and time-consuming affair. Gain more control over your business spend with Expenses, perfect for individuals or bigger teams. Revolut Business’ new features allow you to stay organised and in total control of your spending by helping you track, review and reconcile your expenses in one place, and with just one click. There’s so much that Expenses can do for you and your business:

Empower your business with company debit cards

By giving your team company cards through a Revolut Business account, you can prevent employees needing to reach into their own pockets. Expenses features real-time spending notifications, spending limits, and the ability to block and freeze company cards. Determining where employees can spend means that you stay in control and gives you a view of company-wide finances at all times.

No more missing receipts

Expenses provides you with powerful tools and automated reminders, so you can say goodbye to missing receipts and late submissions. Online receipts are imported automatically, and employees can submit paper receipts on the go, reducing your time spent on admin so that you concentrate on what’s truly important to your business.

Bookkeeping made easy

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. The automated bookkeeping tools within Expenses work to reduce human errors and save you valuable time by allowing you to quickly and easily review and reconcile expenses in one click.

Expenses works for individuals or your whole team

Team members: No more missing receipts

You want your employees to focus on their work and not spend hours doing their expenses. With Revolut Business, your employees simply spend, snap a photo of the receipt, and submit expenses in-app as they go.

Our recent updates to Expenses make your employees’ lives easier by helping them manage their expenses even more quickly and without mistakes. Our smart tech reads your receipts and attaches them automatically to your expenses so you can say goodbye to manual work. Since a lot of transactions are now digital, employees can also now forward their digital receipts to your Revolut Business account via email or upload them via a file. Plus, they can include out-of-pocket expenses in their submissions too, making it easier for you to track and review expenses as they happen, within a single view in your account.

Account admins: Track expenses in real time

With your employees expensing as they spend, our automatic notifications feature reminds them to submit receipts after each transaction which are then attached to the right expense as they come in, meaning less work for you. You will also be able to track the status of each expense so you can easily stay on top of what’s yet to be reviewed, missing expenses, and what’s already been taken care of.

Accountants: Save files and sync with your software

You can now use the Revolut default categories and tax rates to help simplify your bookkeeping and save money. If you or your accountants prefer to use customised categories and tax rates, they can edit these as needed. Cut down your accountant’s hours - easily and quickly export everything as a CSV file to use with your preferred accounting software. If you’re a Xero user, you can simply and easily connect to your Revolut Business account, to keep everyone on the same page.

Get started with Expenses

Expenses is only available on iOS latest version and web for now. Revolut Business releases new product features every month to help you keep your expense management running smoothly, so be sure to keep an eye out for more updates.

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