Want smarter invoices? We’ve got you covered

Business banking · 25 May 2021Amey Turner

You asked so we delivered. Introducing professional invoices you can easily send from your account and more. Discover our new innovative invoices tool to create, send and reconcile professional invoices from a single place, and with more payment options for your customers, it’s even easier for you to get paid.

Get paid faster with more ways to pay

Give your customers more payment options to choose from, including card payments and transfers, so it’s quick and easy for them to pay you. When your customers have settled up, you get the money paid directly into your Revolut Business account, 24/7. We’ve designed the whole process to be super slick, so it’s easy and convenient for your customers and great for you.

Track progress and get time back with less admin

With our new tool, you can monitor your invoices from start to finish with real-time tracking and notifications. Your invoices are also automatically reconciliation, so you can get time back from doing unnecessary admin work and focus on your business.

Professional invoices now just a few clicks away

Create and send professional-looking invoices from your Revolut Business account to your customers in minutes. There’s no need to switch between platforms, so you can enjoy an easy, seamless experience. You can even add a personalised message in the email to give your customers a branded experience.

How to get started

1. Go to Revolut Business Invoices in Marketplace, click on new Invoice
2. Fill out the information, add an email message and press send
3. Your customer can then settle up easily with card payments or transfers

It’s as easy as that! Your Revolut Business app has never been smarter.

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