Revolut Pay gives Aer Lingus customers a first-class checkout experience

Business · 16 January 2024Marija Krasnopjorova · Richard Johnson

We've partnered with Aer Lingus, Ireland's flag carrier, to give their customers a secure one-click checkout with Revolut Pay — with purchases completed in seconds. But how does it work? We’ll skip the safety briefing, and dive in.

Upgrading customers' checkout experience

Companies in the travel sector, including airlines, have a great opportunity to improve customer experience by delivering a seamless checkout journey.

With more and more people investing in rewarding experiences like travel, it’s important for both airlines and customers to know their transactions are safe and secure.

To make sure these high-value transactions are processed securely, airlines use Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) as part of their payment processes.

This Europe-wide regulation means airline customers have to pass extra authentication checks as they're about to pay. Businesses build these into their checkout process, and while they protect online payments, they also cause some customers to abandon the purchase altogether.

Flying beyond customer needs and preferences

Picture it: customers have their destination, flights, and times chosen — now they just need to pay. It’s the final, crucial part of their flight-booking process. But they're pushed for time and don't have payment details to hand, so they close out of the screen thinking they’ll come back later.

The question is: how does Revolut Pay help Aer Lingus tackle this?

The answer: by improving the entire customer purchasing journey, and finding ways to reduce friction by:

  1. Cutting down the number of steps it takes for customers to pay
  2. Keeping payments secure and reducing fraud

The good news is, merchants using Revolut Pay see cart abandonment rates go below 10% for these payment journeys.

Getting customers to their destination quicker

Revolut Pay cuts the checkout process down to just one click for Revolut customers, with security measures built in. First, customers just choose Revolut Pay at checkout. Then, they use the Revolut app to authorise the payment with a passcode or biometric ID check.

Revolut Pay offers a helping hand in case of payment issues, too. If a customer's account balance won't cover the payment amount, we'll send them a quick notification. This means they can use a saved card to make the payment.

Making payment approvals easy for customers and removing insufficient funds failures in Revolut Pay means payments have an average authorisation rate of 98.5%.

Aer Lingus' Chief Customer Officer, Susanne Carberry, says:

"At Aer Lingus, we're committed to finding new ways to make our customers' journey seamless. This begins at booking a flight, and Revolut Pay allows customers to make payments quickly and securely using this digital payment method."

"The addition of Revolut Pay is part of our efforts to make the booking experience frictionless for customers. It's another step in our digital journey towards becoming a more customer-centric airline."

Maximising revenue, reducing cost

Revolut Pay combines account-to-account technology with traditional payment processing methods to help merchants optimise their checkout conversions, costs, and speed. Processing transactions with Revolut Pay costs a fraction of what traditional payment providers charge, and cuts transaction fees for merchants.

It's a win for both customers and merchants. Customers get a speedy, secure way to checkout with as few steps as possible. And while merchants save on processing fees, they’re not left waiting for their money, either. Payments made via Revolut Pay settle into your Revolut Business account within 24 hours.

And it's a win for airlines, too. Revolut Pay gives Aer Lingus access to over 35 million Revolut customers around the world — and many are frequent travellers.

Going global with a fuss-free checkout solution

In 2023, over 10,000 merchants accepted payments with Revolut Pay, and this number's increasing every month. Partnering with Aer Lingus opens avenues to exploring how other carriers and travel partners can tap into Revolut's global customer base with Revolut Pay.

"We've partnered with Aer Lingus to support them in improving their checkout experience so their customers can pay for their flights, securely, in seconds, with Revolut Pay."

"There's tremendous potential to improve both customer experience and operational efficiency across the travel sector. Partnering with a trusted, market-leading brand like Aer Lingus is a key step for Revolut towards further transforming payments in this industry."

— Alex Codina, Head of Acquiring at Revolut

Ready to get started?

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