You can do whatever you want as long as you believe in yourself and in your goals

People · 20 April 2022Karolina Gruszczyk

Say hello to Georgiana, one of our Software Engineer superheroes. We sat down with her to hear the story of her career and time in tech, and get some advice on how biases shouldn’t impact your dreams.

How would you explain to a regular muggle what you do at Revolut as a Python Software Engineer?

The project I work on automates the underwriting process a person takes when applying for a credit card or a personal loan. It basically checks if a customer is eligible or not for a product, and it offers the pricing and affordability.

What do you think you’d say if someone told you when you were a kid that one day you’d become a Software Engineer?

Well, I didn't believe at first that I would become an engineer. I wouldn't even know what it means when I was a child. It wasn't such a common job in my region back then – and maybe it still isn’t. I wanted to be a teacher, but over the years I discovered my passion for mathematics. I found out that you can learn mathematics at Computer Science University. I wasn't that good at informatics at school – I learned all the informatics I know at University and in practice.

Has women working in technology become a normal thing?

I found it normal already because I had a lot of female colleagues at university and in my jobs. Most of my colleagues pursued their career in technology after university. Although a lot of people I know see it as a man's field. But it's not! That's why it needs to be more promoted and encouraged further to overcome the existing gender inequality.

Thinking about your career since you made the decision to come into the tech world, what’s been the biggest challenge you've faced? And what’s been the most exciting?

I think the biggest challenge was to make people believe that I can be as good an engineer as a man. To make them listen to my opinion and trust me. It’s not easy to make an impact knowing that people don't take you seriously. I feel that women are more reluctant when expressing their ideas because of the fear of being judged. We find it harder to gain confidence in our work. But when we overcome this, the greatest things come. Once I worked on an application to scan all the signals coming from Porsche’s electric car. And I had a chance to test it in a kind of a race. I dunno if you know, but an electric car goes from the beginning really fast – 200 kilometres in eight seconds. That was exciting!

It’s been over eight months since you joined us. What insights have you gained working at Revolut?

I finally learned how it is to work in a well-known, global company and create products for tens of millions of customers. It's a really fast paced environment, you get new challenges every day and work with super talented people. The processes are well written and mostly automated already and you don't have bureaucracy, which usually happens in a workplace. You work with well prepared people, you can see that they're working in a top company and have great experience. Yeah, I haven't met a Revoluter who isn’t great.

You work 100% remotely from Romania where Revolut doesn't have an office yet. How did you hear about us and what did the onboarding process look like?

I was lucky to have a Romanian recruiter who found me on LinkedIn. She answered all the questions I had and helped a lot during the process. The onboarding was really smooth. There was one full day of sessions, and after that I got all the additional information from my buddy and my manager. In the first week I also had interesting training and got to learn a lot about finance, security and other banking stuff. It’s my first time working completely remote and for a foreign company,

What would you tell a woman who doesn’t believe she can work in tech?

The world is changing, we’re constantly adapting and learning new things. There are plenty of resources at your disposal and being a woman won’t hold you back. You can do whatever you want as long as you believe in yourself and in your goals.

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