Work from abroad and boost your wellbeing

People · 6 February 2023Karolina Gruszczyk

Have you ever wondered how to improve your wellbeing, mental health, and productivity at work? How to hit the KPIs, and still pursue your other passions?

Revolut allows its employees to select quite freely from where they want to work. You can choose if you want to work from the office, or from home. You can come to the office whenever you want, but you don't have to. Although I’d have to admit my favourite option is the official work -from-abroad policy. Each employee (with prior HR permission) is allowed to work for up to 60 days from another pre-approved country.

In 2022, I used this opportunity and travelled to Sardinia, where I could pursue my passion for climbing. I stayed at a place called Nannai Climbing Home with several other climbers, most of them also working remotely. We worked together on the terrace, or in the common kitchen. Every time we could, we went climbing before or after work.

It was certainly the best month of my journey at Revolut and I’d recommend it to everyone. This stay had a wonderful influence on my wellbeing, mental health, as well as productivity at work. During work, I felt less stressed and more focused on the KPIs and departmental goals; in my free time, on the other hand, I could enjoy the nature and rocks at Ulassai, climb, hike, and swim in the sea. Try out the work-from-abroad policy and get some sun rays when you can!

Mariusz Kaczka, Quality Analyst in Payments Investigations at Revolut

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