Win-win Gift Cards: You treat them, we’ll treat you

26 May 2021Elizabeth McGrath

Partners displayed are for illustrative purposes only. View Gifting in-app for a list of active brands you can purchase a gift card for.

Ready to become extra popular with your friends and family? Because your gifting game is about to get next level. Our new Gift Cards are made in collaboration with top brands; showing that special someone you know what they're into will be easy with these. It's like having a shopping mall at your fingertips!

Available to customers in UK, Ireland, Italy, and Germany only.

Bringing the shops to you

Going to the shops hasn't been the same - so we figured we’d bring them to you! Browse from a huge selection of cool brands and enjoy the new possibilities this opens up for gifting

Thoughtful yet convenient

Gift Cards are a great way to show you’ve thought about them by choosing a brand they’ll love. Even as normality returns, we bet you’ll still go for these rather than rushing back to crowded shops once you see how convenient they are!

Gift cards made fun!

Have fun browsing our selection of brands and gift covers that we’re always adding to; we’ve got birthdays and special occasions covered. Plus they'll have fun choosing exactly what to spend it on!

A win-win for paid plans

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a paid plan, now's the time to upgrade. Why? Because customers with paid plans enjoy cashback every time they spend on Gift Cards.

Here's how the cashback works across plans:

  • Plus gets cashback on every buy
  • Premium get 2x as much
  • Metal get 4x as much – as high as 20%!

So whether your loved one is eyeing up new running sneakers or the latest in gaming, with Revolut Gift Cards, you can help them get something they love.

Happy shopping!

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