Turn down the lights! Dark Mode is here

Revolut · How to · 6 August 2020Elizabeth McGrath

Our engineers have been working extra hard to get this hotly anticipated new feature ready for you, and we’re delighted to tell you it’s now live: turn down the lights because Dark Mode is here!

If your system theme is already set to dark, there’s no need to do anything, the app will automatically appear in Dark Mode. If you don’t have it set up, you can easily change your system setting to Dark Mode in Revolut > Settings > Appearance and that’s it, you’re ready to see in the dark! If you ask our engineers, it’s kinda like having a superpower.

Whatever the time, Dark Mode ensures that you have a seamless experience with Revolut - so whether you’re paying your bills or scheduling a digital gift to arrive in the morning - this feature is perfect for night owls and anyone who likes to manage their money after-hours.

Asides from looking really cool, Dark Mode can also save battery life, as it uses less power. It’s also easier on the eyes as lighter smartphone backgrounds are proven to cause digital eye strain (DES) and can suppress melatonin, the hormone needed for a good night’s sleep. We don’t want your after hours money management to impact your health, so make sure you turn Dark Mode on and then say hello to better sleep!

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, this feature enables full support for system theming. You can now select the theme for your app: Light, Dark or System. And enjoy a seamless Revolut experience, from day to night!

Discover Dark Mode now:

  • Update your app to latest version
  • Open app and go to Dashboard
  • Click Appearance
  • Click Theme
  • Click Dark Mode
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