Top-up by Apple Pay!

Revolut · 1 October 2016Rob Braileanu

Download Revolut 3.0.3 from the iOS App Store now to top-up your Revolut account using Apple Pay or Apple Watch!

Set up Apple Pay on your phone:

In the latest version of our App those with an iPhone 6 or above will be able to top-up their Revolut account using Apple Pay. Just tap ‘Top Up’, then hit the drop-down at the top of the page and select ‘Top up by Apple Pay’.

If you haven’t got Apple Pay set up you’ll be prompted to set it up. If you do, you can just choose a card and you’re good to go!

Apple Pay on Apple Watch:

Users with an Apple Watch can now top-up their account on the go. Open the Revolut App, scroll to the bottom of the balances screen and hit the ‘( + )’ button. Select the amount and then double click the side button quickly to confirm the top-up. Check out the demo video below!

What do you think about our new feature? Or have you got a cool idea about what we should integrate next? Let us know via our Community Forum!

We have some other new features we’re super excited about coming out soon, tune into our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for sneak peaks.

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