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News · How to · 10 August 2020Elizabeth McGrath

We all love giving presents to our family and friends on their special day - but sometimes knowing what to buy people can be tricky! That’s where Revolut Gifting comes in - because we’ve made sending digital cash gifts easy, fun and more personal than it was before.

Let’s be real, receiving cash is always a welcome gift. However, some people may feel it’s a little impersonal or little lacking in thought. What Revolut Gifting does is add some more personalised touches to the process of gifting cash, so they’ll see how much you do care!  

Firstly, just make sure you're running 7.8 version fo the app. Then you can choose from our selection of awesome animated covers - think of it as digital wrapping paper! Next you can add a private message to personalise it further and make them smile.

We’ve also made it easy for the receiver to immediately send you back an animated ‘Thank you!’ note - because it’s nice to feel appreciated, right? We also just like good manners around here.

Fun animated covers
You can view the whole selection in-app, but here’s a little taste of what to expect

Easy to make, fun to receive
Making your gift is easy and it arrives instantly. You can also schedule your gift so that it arrives on a certain date – we’ll make sure it gets to them on time.

Discover Gifting now:

  • Make sure your app is updated to the latest version (7.8)
  • You can send a Gift from your new Gifts widget on your Plans Tab or directly within the Payments flow
  • Sending to a friend not on Revolut? No problem, we’ll notify your friend via email their Gift is waiting for them as soon as they set-up up an account
  • On Standard you can send 2 gifts per month, while our Paid Users can unlimited numbers giftings, with much more to come!

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