Share life, with Joint Accounts (now available in EEA)

19 April 2023Kirsty Daniel

Available in EEA only

Whether it’s your partner, your friend, your flatmate, your grandmother, your sibling - whoever you share your life with, this is the account where you can put your money together. Two cards, one account, for every type of duo.

Two cards, one account

You can both have your own card! Whether it’s groceries and your daily coffee run, to holiday money, or the sensible stuff like bills. For splitting bills, sending, or spending, everything belongs to you both.

Money tools for two

Get set up quick, with just a few taps! Add money easily, order your own cards and start managing your finances together, fast.

Say goodbye to the admin of splitting costs and have one account for you both! Here’s how to get started:

‍👯‍♀️ Go to Hub > Joint Accounts
👯‍♀️ Invite the other half of your duo (they must live in the same country as you)
👯‍♀️ If your +1 isn’t a current customer, they need to pass our identity checks and complete the sign up process
👯‍♀️ Then your Joint Account is ready! Order your cards and start sharing life

Currently Joint Accounts are only available in EEA countries - but keep your eyes peeled for other countries, coming soon!

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